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Get rid of emotional baggage

How long are you going to carry the baggage of your dead relationship and why? Most of the time, nobody is willing to accept separation gracefully. Everything is easy and we have to be mature enough to understand the level of chemistry with our partner or the disadvantages of a relationship. If we fail to understand then it is completely useless and will hurt us.

We either fake or compromise over some or the other thing in our entire lives and this ritual has to be broken. Thus it is fair to be divorced or remain separate unless and until if the things are done within safe environment.

This is life and all of us are meant to suffer in one way or the other. So try to overcome the problem or have people who is really trust worthy to share your woes with. Otherwise one dead relation will become a topic for other women’s gossip. The major problem between jilted lovers is that one of them lacks the capacity to move on as they plead, beg and fall on their partner’s knees to remain in a relationship. Whereas the other person is keen to break the relation or has several reasons to reject, irrespective of the tenure of the affair. Some of them even call of a relationship after dating for eight to ten years.

They say everything is fair in love and war but losing your dignity is unfair in love. For the sake of god, don’t fall prey to some luxurious item gifted by your partner before you break up completely. Tomorrow your partner will have an opportunity to say that, “I really love her but don’t have any other option besides listening to my parents. I can’t let hundred people die for her. It’s better I end this relationship and move on. Before breaking up, I have ensured that I have provided her everything and I don’t expect anything in return.”

Recently my brother thinks about his parents instead of the girl whom he dated for eight years. He broke up with his girlfriend and is willing to marry a partner chosen by his parents. Obviously, my brother and his family will derive huge benefit out of this marriage.

I noticed his girlfriend pleading him some more time to convince his parents, but it won’t work. My brother is pretending as if he is doing her a favour and she is unwilling to call off the relationship. This incident has taught us a lesson.

Irrespective of whether you are women or man, just think whether you really need a relation or marriage to survive. What do you want to get married? Is it merely for the sake of having kids? Many of us can remain single only lucky ones get great partner and everyone is not lucky. So do not try your luck with any random purpose unless and until you are convinced. As they say, it’s better to have loved and divorced instead of being stuck with an idiot. This is the manner in which you have to live life. There is always an option because this is what life is all about.

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