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Girishikhar residents grieve against fixed toilets

Mobile Toilet Girishikhar Residents, girishikhar apartment, mobile toilets, bmc, swachh bharat abhiyan, girishikharThe resident of Girishikhar Co-operative Housing near Abhinav Nagar Borivali (East) on March 2 sent a formal letter to the Ward officer of R/ central near Borivali (west) to remove the moveable toilets that have been set up close to their society.  As per the residents, in 2009, the authority had kept moveable toilets at the same place and the residents had raised the same issue after which the toilets were shifted 100 meters away from the municipal dust bin.

Mr Samant resident of Girishikhar told AV,They have alternative place at the corner ahead of the Masjid. Previously mobile toilets were placed there. They should shift these toilets there. In fact since there is more space there, they can double the numbers also.”

The resident’s complaint that the bad odour that was emitting out of it was unbearable and it also concerned their hygiene. The residents also stated that behind their apartment there is a small garden for children and because of the proximity, there might be chances of diseases and health issues.  The residents have shown MLA Riddhi Khursange the place where they have last time kept those toilets. Riddhi will check and revert once she could convince BMC about the alternative place.

Mobile Toilet Girishikhar Residents, girishikhar apartment, mobile toilets, bmc, swachh bharat abhiyan, girishikharMr. Sushil Baraskar resident Girishikhar said, “It’s harmful to each and every citizen residing around Girishikhar eg. kids, senior citizen and passer bys. Also there is bus stop where people board and alight from the bus they will inhale the polluted air and probably get sick.  Also affected will be school children who come out of the school bus.”

After receiving a complaint from the residents of the society, the Asst. Commisioner R Central by way of its letter has informed them that it has issued work order for demolishing and reconstruction of existing toilet block at the above address to M. M. Constructions.

Mr Bodse Sub Engineer BMC said, “The installation of the toilet blocks are just on temporary basis and the same would be removed after two months.  The toilets of slum residents are under construction now and once they are completed we will remove these remote toilets that are kept near Girishikhar society.”

It has also informed that during this period, it needs to make a temporary arrangement for the slum dwellers of the building using the particular toilet block. Further it has said that since this area is nearby a densely populated slum and there is no space to put up the temporary toilet, the Commissioner’s office has decided to install 6 nos. of temporary toilet blocks on the footpath along the municipal road.

Bhaskar Khursange former MLA told AV, “If Girishikhar residents locate appropriate place for toilets, we can help BMC authorities to shift the toilets from present place. As a representative of people I need to even think for the welfare of people in slum.”

The installation of the toilet blocks is purely on a temporary basis and the same would be removed after two months.

Advocate Padma Bhosle chairman Girishikhar cooperative society said,This letter says that temporary toilets will be removed after 2 months but there is no guarantee of that. It might prolong further to 6 months also.”

On this, the residents of the Girishikhar Co-operative Housing Limited have informed that since the construction of the toilet would be on the footpath, it would be used randomly by the kids of the shanties to litter and thereby make the surrounding unhygienic.

Kedar Walimbe resident of Girishikhar said, “The main concern is hygiene. Right on the road, there’s a bus stop where we stand waiting for a bus in the morning and toilets are majorly used during then. People residing in the chawls don’t maintain cleanliness of their own surroundings; so just imagine how the state of toilets would be. They should be away from where they are placed now and should be moved to the earlier spot.”

They have also said that the toilet would be encroaching the existing bus stop. The residents have further said that footpaths are generally meant for pedestrians and not for toilets. In lieu of the same, they have asked the BMC to remove the encroachments immediately. They have also reiterated that no parking should be allowed for parking along the pavements.

BJP MP Gopal Shetty said, “Right now, I am in Delhi but I’ll forward this message to my colleague. And I’ll make sure that this work will be completed as soon as possible.” 

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