Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Give these leaders education about our Dharma

Statements made by the leaders of the ruling party are such that they truly express the fact that they do not know but just speak because they have the ability to speak. The subject on which they speak is religious, so when these leaders from the ruling party spout their wisdom there is a debate in the media and society about it. Why are such statements made? Is it because in our country the Hindus are not given any religious education. One leader of the ruling party said that Devi Sita was a test-tube baby and another said that Hanuman was a tribal.

The ruling party is the BJP and they should give their leaders education of the Hindu religion such that they make statements that are concurrent with the Hindu scriptures. They should be careful that they obtain complete knowledge and then alone make statements from a public platform. But we observe that leaders of each and every party speak as if they have mastery on all subjects. Because of this half-baked knowledge of such leaders, the Hindu religion becomes a subject of ridicule. We feel that at the Hindu Conference being held at Goa, this ignorance of the leaders about our religion and then their statements and its consequences thereof should be discussed. Along with this, I would like to request that arrangements should be made to educate these leaders about the Hindu Religion. I being a Hindu make this request.

Rahul Lokhande

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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