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Gold, narcotics the highest smuggled items: DRI data

Gold continues to be the highest smuggled contraband seized by central agencies across the country in 2015-16, though there had been a dip in seizure compared to the previous year, according to DRI.

As per the data released by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), in the fiscal ending 2015, the all-India value of gold seizure was Rs. 1119.11 crore (which comprises seziures worth Rs. 274.80 crore by DRI alone ) while in the last fiscal it was Rs. 795.5 crore (Rs. 240 crore by DRI).

DRI and other central agencies also seized Rs. 36.87 crore in foreign currencies and Rs. 6.85 crore in Indian currency and fake Indian currency notes of face value of Rs. 2.72 crore, in the last fiscal.

Seizures of currencies in all the three categories increased compared to previous two years.

The seizure of narcotics was highest in 2015-16, compared to the previous three financial years.

The all-India seizure of narcotics (which included seizures by DRI and other agencies such as Customs) was Rs. 510.17 crore, of which Rs. 365.56 crore worth seizures were of DRI alone, in 2015-16.

The seizure of narcotics in 2013-14 was 451.98 crore (of which Rs. 209 crore was by DRI) while in 2014-15 it was Rs. 290.59 crore (including Rs. 102 crore by DRI).

The data also show that there was a drop in smuggling of vehicles, vessels and aircraft in the last fiscal (Rs. 131.31 crore) as compared to 2013-14, when it was the highest as seizures stood at Rs. 472.89 crore. In 2014-15, the figure was Rs. 62.66 crore.

The agency also said that there is a dip in smuggling of machinery and its parts.

The all-India seizures made on this front in 2013-14 was worth Rs. 563.18 crore. In the next fiscal it was Rs. 447.1 crore and in last fiscal it was Rs. 222.32 crore.

The other seizures made by the agencies are electronic items, computer, fabrics, bearings, diamonds and watches.

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