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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Government needs to focus on development

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Government focus, unemployment, bribery, women safety, women, rape, The assembly elections were held a few months ago, and the Lok Sabha poll had taken place in the country some months ago. We the citizens vote for a particular party for a reason and in return, we expect that the government should do something better for the people.

However, if we go by recent crisis, whether it’s related to politics, crime against woman, unemployment, bribery etc. then we have seen that our political leaders have failed miserably to fulfill the basic security for the citizens of the nation. The hike in price of essential commodities and the unrest around the country has made the life of the common man miserable and it is they who are paying the cost of things they have not done.

The government at the Centre should pay attention on the development and security of the people rather than debating on religion, fighting and belittling other parties. It seems that the government has conveniently forgotten that it is for the people they are now in power. And finally, politicians are just concerned about their power, position and money which ultimately belongs to us tax payers.

Topics on which the government should pay attention:

Unemployment: Unemployment is at its peak. However, the government feels that everything is fine in India. If we go by the reports, then in the year 2019, many public and private firms bid goodbye to their employees from their firms as according to them they have been incurring losses. The unemployment figure is rising; the number of people entering the workforce is declining. This is also reflected in the participation rate of the labour force that includes both who are currently employed and those looking out for jobs.

Crime against women: In every corner of the country and every hour, one woman gets raped or molested by a man. Reportedly, rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. Also many rape cases go unreported in the country as the victims hesitate to file a complaint or the police don’t cooperate with the victim.

Bribery: The highest numbers of incidents of bribery were among the authorities involved in property registration and land issues. Reportedly, most of the state governments have been unable to take concrete and effective steps to reduce corruption. Bribery is very common and it seems that it will not end.

What is going around in the country? While people are dying because of unemployment and rising inflation, politicians are raising their ugly heads and causing widespread unrest all across. Everyone should get together and find out ways and means to resort normalcy in the nation.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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