Monday, September 20, 2021
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Govt must look into safety of commuters

Government must be complimented for charting out new rules that compensate flyers in case of delays and cancellations. No charges for cancellations within prescribed time limits is a big positive and one can reschedule one’s travel plans at times of emergency without worry. However, one travels by air which is costly at times of urgency and mere monetary compensation when flights are cancelled is of little help. Flyers need to be accommodated in the next available flight which would serve his purpose than money as a form of benefit.

Government should also look into the safety and comfort aspect which is very important. Aircrafts are overworked and poorly maintained. We have had emergency landings due to faulty engines which is a grave risk. Aircrafts today resemble ‘cattle-crafts’ as more seats are crumbled in tiny spaces to increase passenger seats and even luxury buses on roads have more comfort than in aeroplanes. More importance should be given to safety than monetary compensation as ‘Life is more important than money!’


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