Saturday, October 24, 2020
Home City News Grade IV staff expose corruption in Cama & Albless Hospital

Grade IV staff expose corruption in Cama & Albless Hospital

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Rajya Sarkari Chaturth Shreni Karmachari Madhyavarti Sanghatana on Monday accused The Cama & Albless Hospital’s former doctor Dilip Nikam of corruption and violation of Atrocities Act. Dr. Dilip Nikam, who was the former chief of Cama & Albless Hospital’s Cancer Department, has now left the hospital following the charges against him.

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As per the allegations, Dr. Dilip Nikam used to resell subsidised medicine at a higher rate to the patients and the malpractice came into the notice of Radio Therapy Department’ sweeper Sanjay Solanki in April. After Solanki objected and reported the senior hospital authority of the same, Dr. Nikam reportedly started harassing him.

“I possess all proofs against the malpractice. Dr. Nikam threatened and even abused me saying that I belong to the Scheduled Caste. I filed a complaint to the Superintendent of the hospital last month on July 6. We have also filed a report with Medical Education and Research Department Chairman Dr. Pravin Shingare but we haven’t received any reply so far,” said Sanjay Solanki.

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Bhausaheb Pathan, President of Rajya Sarkari Chaturth Shreni Karmachari Madhyavarti Sanghatana said, “It was very unfortunate that such incident has happened in our hospital. Even after we announced to participate in a hunger strike, the hospital is yet to take any step against the accused. We have postponed our hunger strike after receiving a verbal promise from the hospital authority and we demand stringent action against Dr. Nikam for corruption and atrocity.”

Rajya Sarkari Chaturth Shreni Karmachari Madhyavarti Sanghatana’s Secretary Prakash Bane, Working President Bhiku Sanlunkhe were also presented in the press conference.

Five months back, the Cama & Albless Hospital’s was awarded under the Best Governance category from the Vidhi Mandal Committee. Now, after such illegal activities are being exposed in the city hospitals, the ball is in the state government’s court to be more cautious henceforth and some strict actions must be taken to prevent recurrence of such activities in future.

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