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Harman Baweja Cheats On Bipasha Basu?

HarmanIt was only recently that Harman and Bipasha revealed that they were in a committed relationship. The couple’s Instagram feeds and all Bollywood mags were piling up with cute couple selfies and candid photos. However, if sources are to be believed, all doesn’t seem well with the Bollywood duo.

Apparently, the cause of the rift between the two is Harman’s alleged infidelity. Major John-Bipasha deja-vu, no? Bipasha seems to be hurt by Harman’s lack of honesty and devotion. Rumours of Harman’s closeness to fashion model, Olega are causing trouble in paradise.

While Bips hasn’t made an official statement, a source reveals that she is incredibly hurt as she is a committed, honest individual who expects the same level of devotion from her partner.

Earlier this year, Bipasha was quoted saying, “We are friends and if there is no friendship, there is no relationship. I am seeing Harman. We are in a happy space right now and I’d like to be protective… that’s the way we are,”. She also went on to talk about her wedding plans saying, “If I ever get married, I would love a destination wedding. But that does not mean that I have to hide it. Everyone will get to know about it when it happens,”.

While Bipasha’s friends want her to forgive Harman for his indiscretion, only time will tell if the couple can survive this ordeal.

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