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High time: Isolate PAK and J&K Issue – Part 2

Meanwhile, I wish to highlight what a good friend of mine has been observing after every terror attack or ceasefire violations and attack on our army camps. He watched a debate on a News channel on the beheading of two of our jawans by the Pakistani Army and how India should give a fitting response. The debate was not on whether India should respond or not, but on how should they respond. The participants included retired Indian Army professionals, defence experts from India and also surprise, surprise… experts from Pakistan.

Difficult to comprehend why Pakistani experts are invited to such a debate and how they are expected to help us in devising a fool proof plan to wreak vengeance on Pak. Assuming that some good suggestions were put forward should we invite Pak experts to witness such discussions?

I had many questions after watching this program:

  • Why do our ex-Army generals and defence experts agree to participate in such a program where the Pak experts are also invited? Why don’t they refuse to participate?
  • Previously, Modi bhakts went on a rampage calling TV anchors and others as “presstitutes”. What would they like to call our I&B ministry which is a mute spectator to such programs as this is not the first time the Pak persons are invited?

Can we expect more balanced and sober internal coverage of such tragic events instead of sabre rattling for the sake of more TRPs?

And my write up will remain incomplete if I do not talk about “Kashmir” – the “K” issue – on and about the “J & K Imbroglio”. Job creation in J&K today is a myth considering the money to be made from selling of drugs, arms etc.; the youth are barely educated in any useful skills to qualify them for jobs. If we really believe that J&K is an integral part of India then quick and decisive action for bringing J&K into the rest of India. Expecting J&K leaders or even the J&K population to support such integration is not going to happen in any near period. The world is not static. Inaction due to caution (for 70 years?) can also prove to be very costly. It is time for a politically oriented ‘surgical’ strike.

The government needs to go all out for repeal of Article 370. Other than some political hyenas (Wish not to name those selfish & unpatriotic leaders & politicians) even in J&K the government will get wholehearted support. If all of us seriously believe that J&K is a part of India then repeal of Article 370 followed by complete integration of J&K with the rest of India is of utmost importance. If the government is not going to be pro-active on this issue then who will do it?   Why has this subject been not discussed in the Lok Sabha? The NDA has absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, which means if the motion is passed, than it will reflect the will of the people. It can then be discussed in the Rajya Sabha and whosoever does not support the motion will be exposed as anti-national.

India expectedly bristles at suggestions of US wanting to mediate between India and Pakistan to facilitate a settlement on the J&K issue but takes no initiative to repeal Article 370. What an irony and how Pakistan and also the world community must be laughing at us.

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