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Holi: The festival of colours

Holi is an important festival of the Hindus. It gives us the message of friendship and goodwill. On this occasion we forget our old quarrels with people and mix with all freely. At least for one day we forget social distinctions completely. On Holi, there is no difference between the rich and the poor. Holi gives us great joy. It is a happy occasion when we forget our cares and anxieties. But Holi has got some evils too. Many people get drunk on this occasion. They indulge in rowdy behaviour and apply colours that are dangerous for health. Some people sing indecent songs and abuse women too which should be stopped. We should celebrate Holi in a decent way. We must realize that it is a festival of joy and friendship. We should share our joy with others. We must not behave in indecent manner. The real spirit of the festival should be maintained.

On the other hand, the State of Maharashtra is reeling under a very severe drought this year due to insufficient rains. Hence I request readers not to waste water on Rangapanchami (Holi) this year. We should save every drop of water to share it with those who have to walk miles to fetch a bucket of it. Festivals are highly important in our culture. Holi is also one such important festival. Holi, the festival of colours is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of all Hindu festivals. It has been observed that residential societies waste thousands of litres of water during the festival every year. We should ask our children not to use water but play only with dry colours. Colours also contain harmful chemicals which may lead to skin infections and even cause blindness, if they get into the eyes.

If you can share a little of your earnings with the Chief Minister’s fund for the drought affected areas in Maharashtra this year with sincere belief that it will reach the needy, do it. Sharing and giving up something helps us to learn about humanity, a wonderful feeling. A request to all readers of this newspaper: Please do not waste water; we need every drop of it. Water is precious and costs money.

Holi hai! Holi is holy.


Jubel D’Cruz

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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