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#HonkResponsibly: Honk more, wait more!

The #HonkResponsibly is an excellent step to discipline the people especially who honks without any reason

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Mumbai Traffic Noise Pollution,noice pollution, mumbai traffic police, traffic, mumbai traffic, traffic timeMumbai which is known as the financial capital is slowly turning into the honking capital. However, to tackle the honking menace, the Mumbai police has introduced #HonkResponsibly the first step towards its goal of no honking. Yesterday the Mumbai police started a great initiative called #HonkResponsibly in order to reduce constant honking by motorists at traffic signals in various parts of the city. The Mumbai police hopped on to its Twitter handle and shared a video and wrote, “Horn not okay, please!  Find out how the @MumbaiPolice hit the mute button on #Mumbai’s reckless honkers. #HonkResponsibly.”

Siddhant Mohite, Road Safety Activist said, “#HonkResponsibly is a really ingenious initiative taken by the Mumbai Police. We are often unaware about the noise pollution created just with just a few honks. People don’t need to honk continuously in order to move ahead. I must say this is a great initiative by the Mumbai police!”

The Mumbai police shared the news of this in a video format.  As per the video, the Mumbai police set a decibel (device used to assess noise or sound levels by measuring sound pressure) which has been connected to few signal poles around the city where more traffic took place like CSMT, Marine Drive, Peddar Road, Hindmata and Bandra. And according to decibel if the sound level went over 85 db then the signal would reset and the signal would stay red for longer time. Before introducing this initiative the Mumbai police did an experiment for a day and were not so surprised by the results. As expected, the decibel level went up to more than 85 dB, which put the motorists to inconvenience.

Editor Sumita Chakraborty said, “I love all the initiatives taken by the Mumbai traffic police. You may call our government bodies antiquated, but Mumbai police has strode on par with times.  Whether it’s their funky videos on pillion driving, or taking a scene from 3 idiots as inspiration and now their anti-honking scheme, they’ve always come out with novel measures. Kudos, Mumbai police. Way to go!”

The #HonkResponsibly is an excellent step to discipline the people especially who honks without any reason. And the step taken by the Mumbai Police to reduce noise pollution in city is commendable. As Mumbai is known as the city which does not wait for anyone and Mumbaikars are always in hurry but they should understand the honking is not the way for move and not a solution. And by this initiative the people will understand if they honk they have to stop long time. Also, the Mumbai police mentioned in their video that “Feel free to honk, if don’t mind waiting.”

Dr Gurjot Marwah said, “It’s time we came up with a solution to the reckless honking at traffic signals. This in turn leads to auditory damage, speech interference, sleep interference, general annoyance that reduces our working efficiency, increases our blood pressure & fatigue. So, I’m totally in support of the #HonkResponsibly campaign by the Mumbai Police and I think we all should abide by and follow this rule and contribute in reducing the noise in our city!”

Sanjay Barve Commissioner of police took to Twitter and wrote, “To change your tomorrow, we must change our habits today! We have taken the 1st step to end the menace of excessive honking in #Mumbai. Watch it and #HonkResponsibly.”

LLP accountant Neelu Gupte said, “Noise pollution is a serious problem faced by all. This initiative taken by the Mumbai Police is an unique one. I believe that it will help create discipline in the unruly drivers.”

In Bangkok (capital of Thailand), honking is an offence and if a person who deliberately or mistakenly honks is subjected to a heavy fine that runs through his nose.

Honking has always been a major issue in Mumbai and people honk even when the signal is red. Needless to say, this noise pollution is making the people unhealthy. And by this initiative it seems that Mumbai soon will be honk free.

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