Monday, July 26, 2021
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Hope Indian cricket doesn’t suffer under Shastri’s reign

Ravi Shastri’s appointment as head coach of our national side does not augur well for the health of Indian cricket. Shastri made it to the Indian team during his playing days because of his closeness to Sunil Gavaskar and he has now been appointed coach because of his new found friendship with captain Kohli. Anil Kumble was forced to resign because he was a tough task master hence he put forward Shastri’s name for the coach’s job which may pave way for Indian cricket’s downfall. The great Sourav Ganguly should have put his foot down on Shastri’ s name which he had done during last time but I guess political pressure is responsible for Shastri’ s appointment. Cricket is considered as a religion in our country and one hopes better sense prevails and cricketers and coaches in future are selected on merit. Wishing Shastri good luck (he has luck in abundance though ) and hope Indian cricket doesn’t suffer under his tenure.

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