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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Hormonal imbalances and aging

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agieSomeone has quoted very wisely that “Life is a disease with 100 % mortality”. This means that everybody born has to die. This is an eternal truth and is applicable universally with no exception. The AGING can be understood as the road from “Birth to Death” ….. or from “conception to death”. The truth of death cannot be altered but the pathway of aging can be modified from aging to Graceful Aging. Traditionally, the aging process has been considered physiologic and unavoidable, but it may not be necessary to accept the grim stereotype of aging as an unalterable process of decline and loss. Genetic factors, lifestyle, and societal investments in a safe and healthful environment are important aspects of successful aging.

In the current fast paced lifestyle and social Jet lag, the features of aging are appearing in early age groups. At one time, we were concerned about prolonging of life and then our concerns are shifted to prolonging of productive life. Currently, the issue has become more difficult as the features of aging are appearing prematurely. The age of onset of Diabetes Mellitus , Hypertension , Ischemic Heart Disease , Sexual dysfunction and other chronic diseases have gone down from 50’s , 60’s to 20’s and 30’s age groups. The age of Menopause and Andropause has gone down in last few decades. If aging is a process, then there should be the mediators of this process. As per medical literature there are four key mediators of Aging Process:

– Hormones
– Neurotransmitters,
– Inflammatory mediators and
– Antioxidants

A state of inflammation , reduced levels of Testosterone and Growth Hormone, have been linked to accelerated decline of muscle mass and strength in an aging individual.
The four pauses of life define the milestones of Aging process:

– Menopause (When Estrogen and Progesterone levels fall in a woman)
– Andropause (When Testosterone levels start falling in men)
– Adrenopause (When Adrenal hormones start declining)
– Somatopause (When Growth hormone starts falling)

Altogether, the features of Hormonal Imbalances and Aging are so much in common that the role of hormonal imbalances bringing the aging prematurely cannot be ignored. Although aging does not simply result from a variety of hormone deficiency states, medical intervention in the processes of Menopause, Andropause, Adrenopause, or Somatopause may prevent or delay many aspects of the aging process. Hormones modulate almost all the features of youth (being young):

About the author

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi is a Physician Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and
Obesity Consultant at” AMAAYA™ Antiaging & Wellness Clinic” located
at Santacruz (w) and Andheri (w) in Mumbai. He is President of
“Antiaging Medicine And Research (AMAR)” and “INDOMEDICON”.

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