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How authentic are opinion polls?

Opinion poll is one of the vital tool to gauge the public opinion, but a question which arises here is whether survey conducted by opinion poll agencies are authentic or not? Several journalists are aware that opinion polls are fabricated but none of them are willing to report about it.

Even though people are literate but still many of them are unaware about opinion polls. There are two types of polls namely opinion poll and exit poll. Opinion poll is a survey of public opinion from a particular sample. Under opinion poll questions are being asked about how seats a party will win the forthcoming election. The feedback given by the people is recorded. Exit poll is conducted after the election when voters step outside the booth after casting their votes. Let me explain you how opinion poll is being manipulated by agencies.

Recently, a news channel had conducted a sting operation claiming to show how opinion polls could be doctored at the behest of political parties. In the sting operation, the channel had aired how agencies conducting the survey can manipulate the opinion poll by charging lumpsum money. The sting operation raises a very serious question about the veracity of opinion poll. In the sting operation video it was shown that many agencies were willing to manipulate the opinions poll results in lieu of lumpsum money. Several top level agencies which conduct survey for several reputed news channels and newspapers. The media houses publish the results of same survey.

I was surprised to know that the same poll survey is prone to manipulation as per the needs of the political parties. One company’s survey can be easily used by its counterpart. The biggest lie would be uncovered by the sting operation conducted by news channel. Sting operation reveals that India’s reputed opinion poll agencies are misleading the people and are running the Ballot-game. I would like to thank the news channel for unveiling the truth before the masses by conducting sting operation.

Opinion polls might influence the common man and have tendency to change the outcome of the result. If such things continue in the same manner then it doesn’t augur well for our country. If the opinion poll results show that BJP is likely to win more seats then whether it can be considered as authentic? This sting has unveiled the reality of opinion polls which until now was only known to journalists. From now onwards, people won’t rely on opinion polls and will use their own judgement while voting. Finally, opinion polls are very important aspect and ban should not be imposed on it. The Election Commission of India must regulate opinion polls.

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