Friday, September 24, 2021
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HSC Results: Don’t just sit on your laurels or failures!

HSC results are out and there is no need to be overjoyed or feel miserable depending on the marks secured by the students. It is like the ‘Half time’ in a soccer game or the first innings of an ‘ODI’ or T-20 game and the final result can be altered or bettered in the crucial second half of one’s career. Never sit on your laurels or feel over confident if you have scored good marks as it means nothing if you fail to capitalise on it during your graduation years and after. Failure is the stepping stone to success for those who have fared badly and they should be inspired to put in hard work to overturn their poor grades into meritorious performance in the last leg of their academics.

Parents and guardians have a bigger role to mould the careers of their wards at this juncture. Counselling is the need of the hour for all students midway through their academics. Encouragement is the key to better grades as well as overcome failures. We are a sport loving nation and have observed how results of games undergo a change in the second half be it for the better or worse. A sprinter on an athletic field reserves his best for the last leg of the race and here is wishing good luck to all the students in this endeavour!

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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