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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Hundreds of dreams in making

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Satyadev Dubey Vachanalay, Satyadev Dubey, Pandhari Village, Pandhari, ZP, Zilla Parishad, SchoolPandhari Village School, a ZP school in a small village located near Aurangabad city successfully set up a library in their school campus. The Nabhangan foundation completed this task with the help of locals. The Nabhangan foundation has been working in the development of various schools for the past many years and aims to develop various such projects in other schools as well.

The founder of Nabhangan Foundation Rajshri Deshpande said, “Finally another dream came true with “Satyadev Dubey Vachanalay”. We completed a beautiful library in our Pandhari village school. Team Nabhangan foundation has been working in the Pandhari village on water, healthcare and education for 7 years. After getting permission from ZP to build an eco-sensitive school, we decided that this school will be a colourful one and will have art, craft, science and sports as an integral part of their life. Theatre and literature is an important aspect for each human being and we wanted that to start in villages from a young age.”

The library is named after Late Pandit Satyadev Dubey Ji who had inspired the village with his contribution to theatre and films. Theatre will now be an integral part of the village they stated.Satyadev Dubey Vachanalay, Satyadev Dubey, Pandhari Village, Pandhari, ZP, Zilla Parishad, School

“We want to empower our villages with rich literature from across the world.”

This is our first library model. One side is a library bookshelf and the other side is a huge blackboard for our village kids to paint, a huge wooden bench and a beautiful roof to protect from sun and rain. This is not only for our kids, this will be for our villagers too. There will be a section in this library which will be dedicated especially to all the adults from the village.

“This library model will be replicated in our other villages too. And Every library will be dedicated to our contemporary Hero’s, feminists, activists, dignitaries, scientists, mathematicians, sportspersons and all those people who inspired us, motivated us, who spread kindness and happiness in this world”, the foundation added.Satyadev Dubey Vachanalay, Satyadev Dubey, Pandhari Village, Pandhari, ZP, Zilla Parishad, School

The library is also unique and sustainable. “It all started with my father saying when there is a bus stop in each village then there should be a library stop too. Every time you cannot dedicate a huge room for a library because that’s not sustainable, especially in villages. So you need one dedicated space just for the library. I shared his vision with the amazing Architect duo Yatindra Patil and Vijay Karade then immediately they said yes and started doing research on designs. Then Rahul Deshpande helped us finalise who had designed the play area in our Pandhari village school.”

Further, they also thanked Sunil Shanbag and the farmers of the Pandhari village for their support and love.


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