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Hypocrisy rampant in India

India is a developing country with many excellent and not-so-good (negative) aspects. In the 67 years of independence, the nation has had a mixed record of successes and failures. It is a democracy with civil liberties, an active Supreme Court, and a largely independent press. Economic liberalisation which started in the 1990s has created a large urban middle class and transformed India into one of the world’s fastest-growing economy and has got an amazing diversified culture. Yet, India is poverty-stricken both in rural and urban areas. Our nation is broken down by religious and caste-related violence and also faces the internal threat of Maoist-inspired Naxalite rebellions. It has unresolved territorial disputes with China and Pakistan. The day all these issues will be resolved, India will be free in actual sense.

But what about the mentality of Indian residents? Is that changing or no? Here let me introduce you to the land of hypocrites. People gain immense pleasure when they see cinema actresses in semi-nude clothes but have objection if a girl wears jeans in small-towns or villages. Maybe some elders are conservative by nature but we are in living in the 21st century so move ahead with times. And strangely in India, you are free to urinate in public but hell no you can’t kiss your ‘guy/girl’ in public. I really don’t understand such backward thoughts.

Certain groups out there think that love should happen behind only closed doors. Any couple walking down the road holding hands is looked with disgust but no one says anything to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s lyrics. Also the people want to eradicate corruption (a social evil) but forget that they are the same who bribe the officials when they are caught violating traffic rules or to get some work done / papers signed in government offices. The statistical figures will show you the amount of value and respect we get. Rape, molestation, eve-teasing, domestic violence and other women-related crimes is increasing by the day.

Here in India with great pride we welcome the foreign tourists – ‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’ but then how they are treated by Indian people? Just because these visiting groups of men and women don’t know much about the place, doesn’t mean they should be harassed and cheated financially. And a girl is called slut and other names if she is seen with 10 guys and the guy is known to be ‘cool’ or stud if he’s seen with many females. I will never understand why such gender-biasness and hypocrisy exists in this land. We always keep cursing our politicians for just making tall claims and not doing anything fruitful for the people. But let’s do a self-check and see how we are – hum kehte kuch aur, karte kuch aur (we say something but do otherwise). If there is any rankings done all over the world as to which is the country having the most hypocrite population, then for sure India will top the charts. Finally people should change their mindset and shun hypocrisy.

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