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Illegal construction on plot reserved for playground

In a city like Mumbai where there is dearth of open space often public land is used for illegal construction activities. Vivekananda Gupta, advocate and secretary of BJP has filed a complaint with Deputy Municipal Commissioner, K-East ward, Andheri (E) with regard to the construction of illegal structure at a plot reserved for playground behind Prime Academy, Marol, Andheri (E). According to him, public land is being used for constructing illegal structures in the suburb. He alleged that ex-Municipal Councillor and his wife who is sitting councillor are involved in these activities. Gupta added that the construction has been happening for several days and already iron pillars have been erected at the location. The illegal construction is happening at an area of more than 20,000 sq ft.

“It is surprising that the local municipal staff of the building factory department have turned a blind eye towards this issue. Even the local civic body officials are not halting the construction work. The concerned local body staff is hand in glove with the those involved in the illegal construction activities. Till date no action has been taken against offenders as per MRTP and MMC act. The MRTP notice must be issued to those persons who are undertaking the unlawful construction activities and it must be stopped immediately,” said Gupta.

When Gupta decided to follow up this matter junior engineer Rathod informed that illegal structures were demolished. Gupta nonetheless showed the photographs of the actual demolition work undertaken. He then filed a complaint against Rathod, junior engineer for providing false information pertaining to demolition of the illegal structure. Gupta has demanded action to be taken against Rathod for indulging in corruption activities and providing misleading information about construction activities.

Ramesh Latke, Shiv Sena MLA from Andheri (E) said, “This issue is concerned with the BMC and I am not overseeing the issue pertaining to construction activities happening in the city. If people are facing any hardships then I will look into this matter.”

Devendra Jain, assistant municipal Commissioner of K ward E said, “This is a trivial matter and there are several other issues which Mumbaikars are facing and I can resolve them. We need not pay heed to complaints made by Vivekananda Gupta. You should gather more information pertaining to him from police and other people to ascertain the truth.”

Vivekananda Gupta

Citizen Journalist

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