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Inadequate spending on health by states

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It is learnt that we are not spending enough (state allocation) on basic health services. True, some more financial allocation is called for but citizens must also look after their health. Recently, I have been going to Sion hospital and outside medicine OPD, I found that all patients are coughing but using no handkerchief. I asked them if they are drinking hot water every morning and night and the answer was NO by almost all. I persuaded them to do so and, thank God, they agreed.

Health care actually is quite good in Mumbai. In our government hospitals like Sion and KEM you get good and cheap treatment. These hospitals must remove wooden benches because they are ridden with bed bugs. Many patients are habitual treatment seekers. They don’t keep themselves fit and clean but their knowledge of the hospital is astounding. Every OPD, counter from where to get free medicine etc. is well known to them. I was talking to a person sitting next to me and I was telling him benefits of drinking water but with an air of superiority, he said, I like cold water.

Government can subsidise for TB or Cancer but not for liposuction and sex change (a person had really undergone this). Facility for CT scan, X-ray etc. all available but these should not be misused. Even in private clinics (just above king circle) you can get full X-ray of all teeth just for Rs 500.

How can we call ourselves a developed nation with so many feeble, sick and malnourished people. We shy of saying that development means abundant supply of fruits, vegetables, milk, pulses, fish and meat. Unless you eat these and improve your stamina, how can you work hard for eight hours a day. That’s our problem! First of all, we don’t know how to work and then we are incapable of sustained hard work of eight hours every day.

See, if you have Dal with saag and fresh rotis, that’s enough. Have some cow ghee and a piece of “gud “(jiggery). That’s it.

We are not eating enough fish. It’s a very good food. Our governments must pay attention to fisheries and to bring in fish via water craft from Bangladesh and Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Fish oil is very useful, available in tablet form. Breathing fresh air, jogging, swimming is also healthy. The government is not waiving GST on sanitary pads. Menstrual hygiene is very important and our ladies in villages and small towns suffer humiliation on account of this. Now, don’t leave this matter also to me. Then comes the most important, population control; No one is taking action on this. Haldi, tulsi, garlic, cucumber, papaya, Triphala tablets will keep you healthy.

You can occasionally have keema paratha, chicken tikka, fish, prawns etc. You are what you eat! Ajwain, saumph, nerurobion forte (tablets), if you use them and do gargle and steam inhalation regularly, you will create lesser pressure on hospitals. I will advice the youth to exercise regularly. Mumbai must have 10 more public swimming pools.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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  1. simplest. if you don’t have much money, one mug warm water (80 degC) in morning and one in night. that will keep you healthy

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