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India gets an opening to regain influence in South Asia amid Sri Lanka crisis

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SRi Lanka
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Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has resulted in a serious political and socio-economic impact on its residents. But for India, analysts regard this situation as an opportunity to regain lost ground in the island nation. 

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing its worse socio-economic crisis since gaining independence in 1948. 

Amidst debilitating power shortages and a lack of critical resources, the country’s once robust healthcare system is now teetering on the edge of collapse. 

The decline has severely impacted sexual and reproductive health services, including maternal healthcare and access to contraception. 

Writing for the Diplomat magazine, Sameer Patil and Don McLain Gill argued that the unfolding situation may impede China’s intent to increase its regional strategic influence and power projection. 

They argued that critical indicators of the strategic influence of an extra-regional power lie in its ability to sustain bilateral military exercises and operationalize defence cooperation with regional states.

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