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India should not resume cricketing ties with Pakistan

The government of India has given a nod for the India Pakistan cricket series but the Home Ministry is yet to take a final decision in this regard. The erstwhile UPA government had earlier called off Indian cricket team’s tour to Pakistan a decision which was appreciated. In the wake of deadly terror attacks, engineered by none other than Pakistan, all Indians justified this decision. However, now even when it’s crystal clear that Pakistan has not been cooperating in booking the main culprits and terrorists who waged “war” in Mumbai, the BCCI has come out with the cruel decision to resume cricketing ties between both the nations.

Those supporting Indo-Pak cricket series do not show any concern over the “mini-war” that has been thrust upon us by Pakistan which claimed the lives of innocent civilians. People say that “sports and politics should not be mixed….”! But, as far as sports with Pakistan is concerned, they are certainly never played in the true spirit. A match with Pakistan — be it hockey or cricket — is literally seen as a war, the ground being the battlefield!

How then will playing cricket help? Even while cricket is played killings would continue unabated and there would be plans for more terror attacks against India. How can we enjoy a game at the cost of the lives of our own countrymen and brave jawans who defend the nation’s borders?

In fact cricket between India and Pakistan, is never witnessed in a sporting manner whether it is played in England or Dubai or even Toronto! (There is still a section of people in our own country who cheer for Pakistan and burst crackers when they win!) Why encourage this “Cricket war”too?

See what is happening in Pakistan today. The core terrorist who engineered the Mumbai terror attacks is roaming free and making scathing attacks on India and delivering inflammatory speeches to provoke the terrorists against our nation. In our own Kashmir, there are elements and separatists who enjoy all the benefits and facilities and freedom being in India and yet support Pakistan, wave their flag, attack our own security forces and wage a civil war within. It’s crystal clear that these elements are supported by the Pakistan terror group and even their army. Every now and then there are ceasefire violations, firing and attacks-unprovoked- on the Indian border security forces and our army. We have in fact lost more lives in such terror attacks and proxy wars over the last few decades then we would have, perhaps, lost in a conventional and a straight war against ‘that’ nation.

Every now and then, both the governments decide to have talks on peace and to stop terrorism; and such talks have been going on for years and decades. All they decide in every such talk, is just to have another rounds of talks and meeting a couple of months or a year hence! In the meantime, terror and “border-attacks” are openly carried out.

Till we see total cooperation from Pakistan in dismantling those terrorists’ camps and till we witness peaceful days without any terror attack or a ceasefire violation, we should not have any relationship with our neighbouring nation. In fact isolate Pakistan with no bilateral and cultural ties, no buses/trains, no sports no economic ties, no diplomatic relationships etc. India will remain stronger.


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