Sunday, June 20, 2021
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India on the World Forum

Justice Daljit Bhandari winning a seat on the International Courts Bench proves the increased weightage of India on the World Forum. The diplomatic effort made by India proved successful and Pakistan failed in its effort to prevent India from getting this seat. It is a tight slap to Pakistan and has made them realise that the Islamic States did not take their side and have voted for India, and this win is the result. In the world forum, the states have different compulsions and it is a challenge to bring them round to our way of thinking. It requires careful study and in this war one does not use weapons but diplomatic methods. India has displayed its proficiency in diplomatic field by bringing the rest of the world to its side. The support for India from the countries of the world shows the great trust they have in India. It also emphasises the honesty and trustworthiness of the Indians settled all over the world. The world operates on trust and to get the trust of the world India is given 100 per cent. This international winning of trust has put India into a new phase. Taking advantage of the situation and playing ones cards correctly is the name of the Diplomatic Game and India has shown itself a true player of this game and in the process beaten an old player (UK) in the election.

Jayesh Rane

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