Monday, June 14, 2021
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Innovative tactics is the need of the hour for India

Both Congress and BJP trading war of words as the valley mourns and salute its valiant soldiers in cowardly attack of Pak based terrorists. It is time to face fire with fire. Having waited for so long we find that Pakistan is trying to instigate India through various means and to counter it we need to follow innovative tactics to fight the dirty war in Kashmir.

We tried all the peaceful ways and the time tested methods could not help India and we failed miserably. Pakistan is trying to inflict huge causality on our side and the civilians in the border areas suffer the most. Pakistan has been declared as a terror stricken country and no one except China is supporting them. Neighbours Afghanistan, Bangladesh and of late Baluchistan all fought proxy war over their neighbours but were forced to face terror and war attacks in the recent past. Even US stopped all its military aid to the terror stricken country. India as a powerful nation and fully equipped with arms and ammunitions is not going to see the stone pelters go haywire and created problems in the Kashmir valley.

Murderous attack on our military base during odd hours is yet another hindrance, which cost causalities. The law and order problem is going from bad to worse in the border areas as Pakistan is attacking with cross border terrorism and that finds ourselves on the back foot most of the time. We tried to follow the rules of Geneva Convention but that does not yield much results. Attack is the best form of defence and the General Rawat has sent right signals to take an all out effort to nullify the enemy. It is the right time to plunge into action instead of just facing the consequences in a lighter vein. Innovative tactics is the need of the hour to go all out. Blaming by Congress is just an eye wash instead of doing good to the nation.

Jayanthy Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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