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Insecurity didn’t turn me into wedding planner: Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee-Pannu“Baby” star Taapsee Pannu calls her latest stint as a wedding planner a result of her creative exploration rather than the insecurity of being a Bollywood actress.

The 27-year-old actress has started “The Wedding Factory” with her sister and a friend and the company even hosted its first event, a birthday party. She said she has already got a handful of offers to host wedding functions.

“If one asks me about worrying about shelf life, that worry I had even when I was entering showbiz because I was leaving back something, which was very safe, a BTech degree, a job. I was leaving all that behind and moving into something which is very risky so that doubt I had that time as well…

“All these doubts I had from that time also but this was not a reason behind starting it (Wedding Factory) the reason behind starting it was I really wanted to do something else also as an actor…,” Tapsee said.

The “Chashme Baddoor” actress is happy that she invested her time and energy in something, which has a disconnect from movies as it can go on parallel with her acting career.

Marriages and other events surrounding it enjoy a premier status in India and Taapsee feels venturing into the new world is a win-win business for her.

“I am happy that I started something, which is nothing to do with movie or what so ever and this become totally parallel thing because acting as a career might finish someday or the other be it five or 10 years down the line…

“This is one business which will never face recession. I think I am pretty much happy to invest in this business,” she said.

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