Friday, June 25, 2021
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Intensify night patrolling

Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has asked senior police officers to undertake night patrolling for reducing crime in the city. Police officials should not give excuses that they are facing manpower shortage as many of them are busy providing security to VIPs. The government must reduce the security cover for VIPs and deploy more personnel for protection of citizens. Look at the IAS officer, sexually exploiting young girls. The departmental heads must keep a track on the activities and character of officers serving under them. We need to limit our construction and digging activities in thickly populated areas unless it becomes necessary for repairing electric cables and water pipelines.

We have read reports that the world will soon face shortage of water. Citizens must take initiative to conserve water to avert water crisis. Wastage of water must be checked, leakages must be promptly repaired and recycling techniques must be put in practice. Industries using large quantity of water must not be encouraged and they should be asked to pay more for it. Enlist co-operation from foreign countries for drip irrigation and water production through desalination. Water conservation techniques must be studied and effectively implemented for the sake of development. Progress means availability of more water, electric power, and more food grains. The government always projects a very showy and distorted image of “economic growth” and lacks clarity about it.

Development means providing the basic necessities first.

Training must be imparted to youth so that they can teach subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Skill training can be provided to youth in fields like carpentry, electrical work, welding, plumbing etc. Such training must be offered to youth belonging to poor financial backgrounds residing in village and semi-urban areas. If youth become skilled workers they can stand on their own feet instead of depending on government jobs and indulge in corruption. Steps must be taken to trace illegal immigrants and deport them suitably. Drug peddling and its consumption must be tracked down and eradicated. The government must focus on Human resource development and provide affordable health care facilities to citizens. It should also take steps for improving the air quality by restricting the number of vehicles on road.

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