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Intolerance is spoiling political democracy

It is a pity that under the cloak of democracy, precious Parliamentary time is wasted by the opposition. Instead of fruitful and healthy discussions on how to benefit the common men, they indulge in petty politics, wasting tax payers’ money in the process. The parliamentarians should not be paid for the days they have not transacted any business and some strict disciplinary action must be called for whosoever obstructs official law making business. It is shameful to call India as thriving democracy. Democracy does not mean free for all. When will semblance of decency come into those governing the country. No body seems interested in the nation and all are looking after their own selfish petty party politics.

Parliament is a place of worship as the elected people of the Government function there to bring in changes and make moves to things to happen in an independent India. A strong opposition party is a must against the ruling party and issues of paramount importance could be discussed at length removing the anomalies and lacunae if any, and thereby arrive at a consensus for the bills to be passed. This healthy practice should be followed by the involvement of all concerned. This system worked wonderfully well from the grass root level and people enjoyed the measures taken in a big way for more than six decades.

All of a sudden we face and hear a term ‘intolerance’ and that in turn spoil the political atmosphere and political democracy. Freedom of speech is questioned and we come across a situation in which we see that it has become more or less a fish market and the main aim is to disrupt throughout a session in the functioning of parliament. Opposition will not allow the parliament to function because if the government governs well and the people are happy with them they will again come to power.

Paralysing the parliament in motion will only delay the things and we all know what it costs to the exchequer and to the tax paying public. The agenda for discussion in Parliament should be communicated well in advance to all concerned, so that they can go prepared to make their respective useful contributions by way of healthy and fruitful discussions. Past dignitaries of importance could always be extended an invite without fail so as to get their inputs in matters of significance.

People of essence are the ones who take our country through the right path and they may perish, but will leave long-lasting memories for others to cherish and follow the constitutional rights in the best way possible without paralysing the parliament. The ruling party and the opposition party should act together and discuss all issues of National interest and consider a path of progress and putting our country in the forefront in a positive way and arrive at a conclusion and find amicable solution to all the problems of concern. The spirit of “WE” together can achieve a lot should be followed, rather than the “I” alone definition.

Allegations and counter allegations by the two main parties proved the disruptive minds of their leaders. In the past it was walk out from the Parliament assumed greater importance and in the present scenario causing ruckus inside the Parliament is the new way of functioning. Parliamentary paralysis is making the country to lose valuable time and tax payer’s money going to the drain. Country is more important than individual leaders. There should be a proper atmosphere in the Parliament to have meaningful discussion on issues, bills and other business transactions.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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