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Irrigation irregularities responsible for poor farm output

The condition of farmers in Maharashtra is going from bad to worse. This time it is unseasonal rains which has resulted into crop failure leading to losses of Rs.1000 crores in the state. Famine was the major reason quoted for the farmer’s woes in debt ridden area of Maharashtra. The farmers were suffering due to water shortage for irrigation purpose and the state government has given node to probe three irrigation projects existing in this pocket. Nationalisation of rivers could have solved the irrigation problem in these barren lands in the first instance. However, there was slow down and rampant irregularities were found in irrigation projects leading to the suicide of the farmers.

Bureaucrats and politicians did divert water from these projects for industrial use thereby making the farmers demand water for sowing seeds, irrigating the land and its maintenance. The farmers’ distress is bound to continue so long as the general approach to agricultural management remains flawed. It is high time irregularities in irrigation schemes are taken care by the State Government. They must find an amicable solution to the pressing problem of the farmers before the situation goes out of hand.

Rains at wrong time of the year also added to the woes of the farmers. It is a very lengthy procedure to submit panchnamas and extend help to the farmers. A team of Government administrators and bankers should set up camp in the area immediately. They must estimate the loss and provide financial assistance on a war footing basis without waiting for time bound assistance. A team of bankers can camp in areas like Vidharbha, Yavatmal, Amravati, Akola, Wardha and Washim to resolve the problems of the farmers living in death-prone areas. The government schemes to farmers should be implemented without diversion of funds.

Farmers are the backbone of our country and so many deaths in a single state ring the alarm bells to act swiftly. Just like doctors camping in earthquake hit areas or a flood affected areas, bankers should pump funds and take a right step in the right direction to save the cause of farmers. In this regard irrigation irregularities are to be attended by fast track court and the offenders should be penalised and the collected amount should be used for the benefit of farmers and help them to pay their debts and lead a fearless life in the days to come.

C.K. Subramaniam

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