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Is Congress digging its own grave yard?

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Congress in Madhya Pradesh, congress, bjp, madhya pradesh government, incindia, Jyotiraditya Scindia, nationalist congress party, rahul gandhi, kamal nath, priyanka gandhi, sonia gandhi, gandhi , politics, sachin pilot, It’s all karma! Karma always catches Congress by scruff! Congress, if all has gumption, must go to Rajghat and openly declare that they are primarily guilty in debasing the political system! They wanted to be in power either by hook or crook! Now it is paining them. They could not set their house in order. The disgruntled MLAs resigned and switched over to BJP.

Strength never lies in any party, men will come men will go, see the fate of the largest parties, they become minority again the minority will become a largest party it is all in the game, breakaway is common in Indian Democracy, may be in future India may opt Communism too changing the constitution of Democracy.

Who should be blamed? Loop holes in democracy. Even these MLAs irrespective of their parties, would get Pension, and other old age benefits apart from telephone bill, travel expense concessions. There should be a law to limit this on pro-rata basis for their attendance in Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha or State Assemblies. If someone worked 5 years with full attendance, 5 year based pension should be given, not life time entitlement. This is helping all murderers, looters, contraband traffickers, anti-social elements to join politics and become MP or MLA. Election Commission and SC should not be mute spectators.

It is not BJP, it is INC ideology ignoring young enthusiastic politicians. Scindia won’t sellout that easily but he was cornered by Singh and Kamal for past 15 months so badly and now he can’t cope any longer so he left. Not only BJP any party would like strong leaders like Scindia. This is not new in our country irrespective of any party. But, day by day, the stench is becoming unbearable. Election Commission urges people to exercise their vote as it is their prerogative. But, these dirty politicians insult the voters beyond words.

The happiness about India having a young population and a mean age of 29 years is diminishing day by day. I have my own fear if youth is strength for society or a risky one and vision less liability. Far beyond Political party, the overall lack of maturity and collective vision and self-less leadership is missing. Everyday is a missed opportunity for India to lead and be the light house nation for the world. Fingers crossed.

Team Congress did it for the most part of their tenure when serving the country as the ruling party. Used governors to overthrow people elected governments several hundred times, did start horse trading long back including infamous Narasimha Rao minority government complete the full term with cross voting from tainted with bribed JMM leaders, resort politics everything. Congress party never left reforms happen in EC, SC, and remove corruption, bribe from society, but actively engaged in Quota Politics, Minority Appeasements, Not taking stern and bold decision on vital issues like Jammu and Kashmir, bringing Citizenship Register, unifying national records, free Education/Health Care, Farmer friendly welfare schemes etc., but entered in scam politics.

Kamal Nath Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh (MP) may like us to overlook fact that internal squabble within the Congress party, which were not considered important by the Congress party’s High command, have led to instability in the State. But how can Kamal Nath deal with the dissident Congress MLAs? It is easy to blame BJP but that won’t be good enough to save his government.  It is absolutely clear that Congress party’s future in MP will be adversely affected. Regional parties like RLD, and NCP, with whom Congress has alliances in Bihar and Maharashtra respectively, are seen to dictate terms to the Congress party and the Congress’ top leadership simply appears to be helpless. This is a very sad situation but perhaps a bitter reality. What will happen in MP in coming months can be guessed, Question is how long would it take for the Congress High command to accept ground reality that the Congress cannot regain its status without organizational restructuring and revamp?

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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