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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Is Mumbai safe for foreign women?

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A Maharashtra Police officer, who was supposed to help and protect innocent persons, has been found committing serious crimes like repeatedly raping a Russian woman, threatening and cheating her, and preparing fake Aadhaar and voter ID cards. The Russian woman has lodged a complaint with the Chembur Police in this regard. She also accused him of committing double murder in front of her and burying their dead bodies near Pune.

It is worth mentioning that the officer in question has been identified as police inspector Bhanudas alias Anil Jadhav. The incidents of rape happened in Mumbai while he was posted here. He was last posted with Pimpri-Chinchwad police station in Pune. Currently, he is under suspension for accepting bribe. Jadhav was suspended last month. He has been arrested by the State Anti Corruption Bureau. Only after this, Russian woman dared to approach police and lodge a complaint.

When our correspondent Nikhil Sagare spoke to Jayprakash Bhosale, Senior PI, Chembur Police station he said, “FIR was registered against Anil Jadhav yesterday night. He was in a relationship with the woman since 2003. The woman has alleged that Anil has married her. An investigation is going on.”

As per reports, Nitin Satpute, advocate of the victim, said that the Russian woman had come to Mumbai to act in Bollywood. When her visa expired in 2004, she contacted Jadhav for first time and asked for help in extending her visa. Jadhav took her passport and other documents. Later on, he claimed that the documents were lost. But he helped her in staying in India and made a duplicate passport and Aadhaar card in her name.

Criminal lawyer Pankaj Purway said, “Section 465, section 467, section 468 will be applicable for committing forgery.  Section 494 and 495 will be applicable for fake marriage. Section 376 and 376 (C) will be applicable for rape committed by policeman. Prevention of corruption act will be applicable against the cop for indulging in corruption.”

After this, Jadhav started threatening to get her arrested for making a fake passport. One day in 2008, he spiked her drinks and raped her for the first time at a hotel in Chembur area. Later on, he repeatedly raped her on false promise of marriage, Satpute added.

The advocate further stated that when she got pregnant, Jadhav forced her to abort. In 2013, the victim shifted to Kharghar in Navi Mumbai and gave birth to a baby boy. She has a five-year-old son from Jadhav.

Satpute also said that when the victim was looking for work in Bollywood, Jadhav allegedly told her that he knew some film producers and can help her. After entrapping, he blackmailed her. Nitin Satpute said that Jadhav killed her brother when he came to India to check on her and buried his body near Pune.

DCP Pranay Ashok, the spokesperson for Mumbai police, said that it is very complicated case. Many incidents took place between 2004 and 2019.

All claims of Russian woman should be verified. But the primary complaint is of rape.

38-year-old Russian woman alleged that her passport is in possession of Jadhav. She said that Jadhav abducted her and threatened her to implicate her for fake passport and Aadhaar card. He also threatened to kill her if she denied to fulfill his demand for sexual favours. She added that Jadhav also helped her in changing her identity with the help of forged documents so that she could stay in India without any passport. She demanded that a strict action should be taken against Jadhav.

According to Praja Foundation report, in Mumbai the rape cases registered have increased by 83 per cent and molestation cases have risen by 95 per cent between 2013 and 2018. Many foreign women have been raped in the city. But the case of Russian woman questions the law and order of Mumbai and indicates that it is not safe for foreign women.

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