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Is pollution a grave concern?

On the New Year’s Eve, we must avoid bursting crackers. The use of crackers in winter is expected to add to the city’s pollution. During winters, the winds are already slow and fire crackers add heavily to the pollution as pollutants remain in the air for longer time. It is high time that the government contemplated banning crackers to a city where pollution levels are already exceeding its limit and a cause of grave concern.

It is high time that we adopt preventive measures to do something urgently towards this direction. And this is strictly in our hands. Prevention is better than cure. Garbage menace is causing lots of discomfort and the accumulation is causing many health diseases to bear as well. Mumbai’s garbage is dumped in Navi Mumbai to save space and to pass on the buck to the satellite city. Waste management team should work in co-ordination with BMC and find amicable solution. Housing Societies should be given guidelines to act in safe way in disposing garbage rather than just dumping in another place.

Despite having latest, modern and state of art of technology we find roads are having heap of garbage in posh areas of the satellite city. Housing societies in the city failed to make sure that garbage is disposed in a most scientific way and not strewn on the roads and present a shabby look to passerby. It is of utmost importance to clear the garbage on daily basis with the help of the latest technology available with BMC garbage disposal trucks and dispose them off in a most scientific way. Residents should play a pivotal role in helping out the civic body with a novel method to curb pollution and bad smell emanating from the garbage piled up on the street. Both wet and dry garbage should be segregated and disposed in separate bins supplied by the local corporators to each and every society.

To prevent pollution Solar panels on the roof should be laid to go green. Most of the building materials have to be sourced locally so as to cut down on the carbon footprint and the gas emissions. Based on usage of the state-of-art technologies from concept till completion, the facility should be treated as a live example that will change all our built space neat and clean in the days to come. Further, one should have the mentality to minimize unhealthy VOC paints, primers, finishes on fixtures and wood. Again the floor tiles should be easy to clean and no carpets should be laid as the dust under the carpet is
the cause of dust allergy and one should make it a point to minimize use of adhesives. There lies India’s most sustainable and smartest pollution free environment. Yes pollution is a grave concern for metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi and it is time to prevent pollution before the situation goes out of hand.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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