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Islamic extremism and Nuclear weapons are supportive tools of Pakistan’s policy

A brief study and analysis of Pakistan`s policy reveals that Islamic extremism is an inherent characteristic of its policy. The founding fathers of Pakistan used Islamic extremism as an instrument to divide Indian sub-continent into two states of India and Pakistan. They deceitfully fabricated the two-nation theory whereby Muslims of Indian sub-continent were alleged to be a separate nation as against their fellow countrymen, Hindus.

The word Pakistan means the country of pious people which itself is an irrefutable denotation of the extremist characteristic of that nation. Pakistan’s missiles, tanks and other deadly weapons are named after prominent Muslim warriors and invaders, for example its Al-Khalid tanks are named after Muslim warrior Khalid bin Waleed. Similarly its Al-Shahab, Ghauri and Abdali missiles are named after noted invaders i.e. Shahabuddin Ghauri and Ahmed Shah Abdali, even Pakistan names its nuclear bombs as Islamic bombs.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws provide a death sentence which is being artfully used to victimize the non-Muslim as well as Muslim liberal citizens. Pakistan in its constitution declares Ahmedi sect as non-Muslim. Even the nation’s constitution doesn’t recognize people of the country as sovereign rather it states Allah as its sole sovereign.

In short Pakistan’s state machinery generates and disseminates Islamic extremism through its constitution, laws, educational institutions from primary level up to universities, madrissahs network and media at a large scale in the society. Then army transforms it into fanatic militancy i.e. jihad to achieve its policy goals.

Though the founding fathers of Pakistan didn`t wage jihad for its creation because it was not needed but soon after the creation of Pakistani state they resorted to transform Islamic extremism into militancy i.e. jihad under state sponsorship. Under the directives of M.A. Jinnah in 1947 Pakistan army sent its troops in the garb of jihadists to occupy Kashmir. Pakistan army`s motto is Eman, Etehad, Jihad fee Sabilillah which means faith, unity, holy war in the way of God. In 1965 Pakistan army again sent its soldiers in Kashmir in the garb of jihadis to start operation grand slain to occupy Kashmir.

In 1971 Pakistan army, with collaboration of JI, found Alshams and Albadar jihadist organisations to fight and counter the forces of Bangladesh’s liberation movement. These jihadis slaughtered the Bengali people in the name of jihad. In the mid 1970`s Pakistan army trained and armed certain Islamic militants of Afghanistan to initiate a proxy war against the president Dawood`s regime in name of jihad. It meant to put pressure on Sardar Dawood regime to withdraw its alleged support for the liberation of Balochistan and Pakhtoonistan.

In 1980’s US led block of industrially developed democracies, in the context of cold war, decided to contain Soviet union`s advancement in Afghanstan by helping Afghan opposition groups. They also decided to counter the socialist ideology of soviets and their Afghan allies with Islamism. Therefore the proxy war against USSR and their ally Khalki regime of Afghanistan was purposely termed as jihad. Though US and its allies supported the idea of jihad i.e. holy war as a tactics but to Pakistan army it was a policy. This tactics of US led block proved to be a good fortune for unnatural state of Pakistan. It afforded Pakistan’s army establishment with the opportunity to extract economic, military resources from US and nourish its old idea of jihad on the expenses of America and its allies. Showing conformity with objectives of US led block, Pakistan army, in fact, advanced its own interests and jihadi policy. Using the plea of Soviet threat Pakistan army tried to receive ample economic and military aid and arms from US and its rich allies.

However, these resources were in fact sought to build up the nation’s arm capability for a future war against India because anti-India element is the pivot of Pak foreign policy. Pakistan army extracted a huge quantity of funds and sophisticated arms from US led block to spread a wide net of madrassas i.e. religious schools in Pakistan especially in Occupied Balochistan and Pakhtoon areas. These madrassas were meant to advance Islamic extremism as an ideology and work as nurseries of jihad. Taking advantage of these bulk of available resources and opportunities Pakistan’s wily army establishment very skillfully managed to knit and spread a net of Islamic fundamentalism, extremism and jihad in the Baloch, Pakhtoon and Kashmiri societies aiming at countering their national liberation movements. In case of Pakhtoons and Kashmiris Pakistan succeeded in its plot. However in the case of Balochistan it failed due to deep rooted secular nature and norms of Baloch society as well as a strong opposition from its nationalists.

During Cold War, US block`s dependency on it in Afghan conflict encouraged Pakistan army to advance its nuclear weapons program ignoring international opposition in this matter. With the signing of Geneva accord in 1987 US had accomplished its mission in Afghanistan, therefore US pulled out its hands from further supporting the jihadis but they entirely failed to induce Pakistan to do so. Now US initiated exerting pressure on Pakistan to stop its nuclear weapons program but it was too late.

Despite its promises and assurances to the world community Pakistan army establishment have neither ever stopped its nuclear weapons program nor, in changed scenario, it ever have withdrawn its playing of Islamic extremism and militancy as tools of policy in internal politics of the country as well as in its foreign affairs.

In fact after US withdrawal of its support to Islamic fundamentalists, the jihad and jihadists fell into the hands of Pakistan army and ISI. In this situation, Pakistan took advantage of this opportunity and continued to nourish and use Islamic extremism and militancy as interconnected tools of its internal and foreign policy. Pakistan used them to undermine hostile neighbouring states of India and Afghanistan. Its army also used this to enhance its influence in newly formed states of central Asia.

From 1989 to 2001 under state sponsorship of Pakistan, the Islamic extremism and militancy rapidly grew as a serious threat to Asia. During that period from Kashmir to Caucasia there appeared numerous Islamic militant gangs under the auspices of ISI. Pakistan army`s ex chief Aslam Baig in his articles terms these jihadis as vangaurds and real fighting force of Islam. These so-called vanguards of Islam made Afghanistan, Kashmir and the Caucasian regions grounds of their barbarism and bloodshed. Under Pakistan army and ISI’s patronage Islamic militancy spread as a grave threat in considerable parts of Afro-Asia.

The explosion of Pakistan’s nuclear bombs on May 28, 1998 gave a boost up to aggressiveness of Pakistan army on one hand and on the other hand to its jihadis. In this enthusiasm, Pakistan army opened Kargil front against India while its Islamic militants were so enthusiastic that they dared to attack twin towers of New York on September 11, 2001.

After 09/11 the US demanded from Taliban to hand it over Al- Qaeda chief but Taliban failed to comply with it’s that demand. Consequently US along with NATO allies launched a prompt campaign against Taliban, Al- Qaeda and their militant allies in Afghanistan. The 9/11 exposed the threat of jihad. It was the right time to root out that grave danger of Islamic militancy forever by adopting cogent, coherent and long lasting policies. It necessitated plans to address its real causes and destroy its main fountain and sanctuary i.e Pakistan. Instead of doing so US coalition surprisingly on boarded Pakistan in it’s that war on terrorism. However Pakistan`s decision to join US led coalition in that campaign was not a willful and hearty step rather it was an  outcome of international pressure imposed on it. So on boarding of Pakistan as a non-NATO ally was a worst mockery with war on terrorism. Even US led NATO didn’t follow the retreating Taliban and Al-Qaeda rather they allowed them to enter and hide in their Pakistani sanctuaries. This was another mistake committed by US and its allies. NATO adopted an ephemeral policy to follow, find, fix and destroy individual terrorists. This policy was like following one wasp after another to kill it instead of destroying their hive, Pakistan, the main sanctuary and patron of Islamic jihadists, not only remained intact but it was given status and privileges of a non-NATO ally. It afforded Pakistan with plenty opportunities to extract military and economic resources from US and allies in the shape of coalition support fund and other privileges on one hand and on the other hand to save its strategic assets of Al-Qaeda and Taliban from being fully defeated and destroyed. Pakistan very skillfully dealt with that critical situation which it faced after 09/11.

Having to enjoy enough time for rest and reorganization Pakistan re-launched Taliban in Afghanistan against NATO in 2004 when US had shifted concentration on Iraq in 2003. The Pakistan army and ISI attempted to make Afghanistan as another Vietnam for US/NATO. US came to know and admitted the double standards of Pakistan army too late.

It was the first spell of Obama administration when CIA traced Osama`s whereabouts in Abottabad cantonment area of Pakistan army. So the US special forces on May 02, 2012 conducted a secret attack on Osama’s compound in which he was killed and his dead body was taken away by the US SEALS. Instead of being regretful in Osama’s case, Pakistan army reacted furiously. Osama issue fully unveiled Pakistan’s hypocrisy and its dual game in war on terrorism but still the nation stood firm in its resolve to provide support and patronage to the Islamic extremism. This incident of May 02, 2012 lead certain cut offs and restrictions on aid to Pakistan as non-NATO ally.

However in the changed circumstances Pakistan invented a new plea of extracting arms, assistance and economic aid from the US. So its army purposely had initiated a clamor about the danger of a probable fall of its nukes into the hands of Islamic extremists. Pakistan very cleverly pleaded it that its army must be provided modern technology, aid and assistance so it becomes strong to protect its nukes from falling thereof into the hands of extremists. It was another mockery with the world.

Is  there any other such strong, organized and well equipped Islamic extremist entity in the world except Pakistan army? In fact Pakistan army is the only big Islamic extremist entity which is well equipped with enormous conventional and nuclear weapons. All other fanatic Islamic groups like Al-Qaeda, Afghan Taliban, Islamic movement of east Turkistan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba , Lashkar-e- Jhangvi, Hizbultehrir, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Jundallah and Ahrar-ul-Hind etc are its tools of policy and have been working under its patronage.

In Balochistan and Afghanistan even ISIS operates with collaboration of Pakistan army. Previous year when Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) attacked an ISIS link Jihadi group in Dasht area of Makuran then Pakistan army promptly reached there to save them.

Similarity between ISIS and ISI of Pakistan is not limited only to their names but both are pursuing the similar cause of establishing an Islamic world order. Similarly both of them use same methods of barbarism. Pakistan army terms and treats these all extremist Jihadis as its most worthy strategic assets. Sometime Pakistan army misleads the world powers and public opinion by its operations in Swat and Waziristan against certain groups of Taliban. In fact said operations are focused only against those Taliban who have turned disloyal to Pak army. Is it not true that despite UNO’s declaration of LeT/JuD as a terrorist group, it still works in entire Pakistan without any obstruction? Still JuD runs in Pakistan numerous educational institutions, hospitals and other charity works under the patronage of Pakistan army.

Nowadays it is LeT which is favourite of Pakistan army and on its behest it is operating jihad in Occupied Balochistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan. Pakistan’s army never have seceded its ties with Islamic extremism, jihad and jihadis. Pakistan’s ex-army dictator general Zia, its ex-army chief general Aslam Baig and ISI’s ex chief late general Hameed Gul have been more dangerous Islamic extremists than the slain Osama bin Laden and Alzawahiri.

Recently an institution of American scientists disclosed in their report that Pakistan is rapidly increasing its nukes. Report discloses that it is making tactical nuclear arms. Pakistan army doesn’t refute, said the report , rather it shamelessly is trying to justify its fanatic measure by arguing that these deadly nukes are being made to meet the danger of a supposed Indian aggression. Their preferred plea is that the Pakistan army lacks capability to defend the country in conventional wars with India against the large scale formations of Indian army. But in the face of facts Pakistan’s this stance is highly untrue. A study of Indo-Pakistan wars discloses that in fact Pakistan has been aggressor in all Indo-Pakistan wars. So it is very clear that the tactical nuclear weapons are not being made to defend it from Indian aggression rather these are being made with offensive aim. It must be remembered that there is no guarantee of these nukes be not used against any other country or people.

Nukes in the hands of these fanatics are a horrific situation which must be paid proper attention by UN and the world powers, otherwise there is every possibility that humanity would face nuclear terrorist attacks more destructive than 9/11 of  US, 26th of Mumbai or 11/14 horrid incident of Paris. If US and EU think that they’re geographically far from Pakistan therefore they could not be made target of Pakistan tactical nuclear bombs then they’re absolutely wrong. If terrorists from Af-Pak managed attacks of 9/11 then they can easily manage nuclear attacks anywhere. World is going to be hostage in the hands of ISI.

A top Pakistani minister Khwaja Asif in a speech on June, 15 threatened India by urging that Pakistan hasn’t made nukes to explode the same on Shab-e-Barat. This tone and attitude is a denotative of Pakistan’s fanatism, aggressive attitude and irresponsibility. Pakistan army very skillfully is using Islamic extremist militancy and its nukes as inter se supportive tools of policy. On the one hand Pakistan army provides funds, military trainings, arms and sanctuary to extremist Islamic militants in order to make them strong, then it uses their dreadful posture to scare the world and thereby extract resources from world on the pretext to meet that alleged threat, on the other hand it utilizes these resources for further advancing its nuclear weapons program and jihad. This gambling of these fanatics is a serious danger for humanity. It requires a prompt and proper answer. If it is not dealt promptly then this danger will grow to a point of high risk. The fanatic Pakistan army and its jihadis may not attain capability to militarily subdue and conquer the entire world and impose upon it their purported Islamic world order. However if they are given enough time and space then surely they will be able to make such delivery systems which may enable them to explode nukes anywhere on this planet to destroy the humanity and its progress at a large scale. Now question is that how this danger will be dealt with? It is obvious that there is no hope of change in the policy of Pakistan army regarding Islamic extremism, militancy and nuclear weapons program. Until Pakistan and its army exist in their present form, the danger will continue to exist and grow.

The Islamic extremism and militancy are incorporated in the DNA of Pakistan and are the inseparable characteristics thereof. So in order to get rid of this alarming insecurity the dismemberment of Pakistan is inevitable. It would be helpful to deprive the extremist jihadis of their main patron, center and sanctuary. It would turn them to be divided, dispersed and weaken. It is the only way to bring an end to that threat of fanatic jihadis who are going to be equipped with nukes

A sincere support of world powers to Baloch people in their longstanding struggle for a secular, democratic free state of Balochistan would be helpful to get dismembered Pakistan on one hand and on the other hand a sovereign Balochistan would certainly be helpful to promote the values and practices of secularism, democracy and religious tolerance in the vast regions of central, south and south west Asia through its trade and economic interactions. Despite the fact of historic hostility between Baloch people and Iran, because of Iranian unlawful occupation of western part of Balochistan, even a sovereign and secular Balochistan would be suitable for Iran as its next door neighbour rather than a fanatic Sunni state of Pakistan equipped with nuclear weapons. It will also be helpful for the reunification of Pakhtoon people across the Durand’s line. Dismemberment of Pakistan even would help the people of Punjab to get rid of Pakistan army which permanently is usurping their scarce resources. They would also be able to get themselves free of the Islamic jihadi culture, extremism and restart a peace loving and prosperous life in the light of invaluable teachings of the great Bhulay Shah and other holy saints. It will also end the growing Sunni and Shi’ite intolerance and hatred which fans sectarian violence among the masses at a large scale which is obviously a nuisance. It will also end the danger of a nuclear clash between fanatic Sunni state of Pakistan and fanatic Shi’ite state of Iran.

Bijjar Baloch   

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