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Islamic State spreading tentacles, begins recruiting in Afghanistan?

So far thought to be limited to Syria and Iraq and other neighbouring countries in the Middle East, the ISIS may soon be spreading its venomous tentacles in South Asia as a video has surfaced which shows how the extremist group is trying to recruit Afghans.

According to the video posted by the CNN, a masked Afghan who has returned from Syria after fighting alongside ISIS, is seen standing amid a bunch of other Afghans and trying to brainwash them to join the ISIS.

According to the CNN, the recruiter begins by saying, “Brothers, I am here to tell you about the mujahideen in Syria.”

The ISIS recruiter says there are four others like him scattered across Afghanistan to spread the ideology of jihad.

He goes on to add that Jihad was obligatory not only in Afghanistan, but also in Syria, Iraq and other places in Middle East where Christians and Jews have attacked Muslims, the CNN quoted him as saying.

The video also records the reactions of the listeners, one of whom appears interested in the ideology of “fighting the infidels” whether in Syria or Afghanistan.

However the other listener appears reluctant to Jihad as he says that he hopes for peace in Afghanistan, however he badly needs money.

The video comes just a day after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani talked about the rising threat of ISIS in Afghanistan.

Talking to the NBC news, Ghani said that there was evidence of the ISIS operating inside Afghanistan as the extremist were considering the country as a strategic foothold in its broader war to establish a caliphate in the Middle East.

“Fortunately, we’ve prevented them from acting. But we have sufficient evidence that they were targeting us because to their narrative, to their story line, Afghanistan is central,” Ghani told NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell.

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