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It is harmless to hold your newspaper: WHO

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Afternoon Voice, AV, Newspaper, Print Media, News Print, WHO, World Health Organization, Newspaper in Mumbai, Paper, Coronavirus, Lockdown, COVID-19, COVID19One good news that came in recent times is, now we all can read our beloved newspaper without fear. Newspapers are Safe from Coronavirus stated World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO report also confirmed that newspapers and other reading material are safe from COVID-19. The probability of an infected person infecting commercial goods is low and therefore the risk of contracting COVID-19 through newsprint is unlikely. World Health Organization (WHO) in its detailed report, has confirmed that Coronavirus (COVID-19) cannot reach in human body from printed newspapers and magazines.

Getting magazine, novel or newsprint is safe and there is no study found these material being career of COVID-19. The WHO has advised precautions measures such as washing hands repeatedly, is essential to preventing the spread of disease in any circumstance. However, it is also impossible that newspapers may contain Coronavirus during printings or distributions.

The Newspapers publishers have welcomed the decision of WHO. After following the guidelines, even concerned authorities who not only ensured the distributions of the newspapers during lockdown but also brings this newspaper industry as ‘Essential Services’ in India. It also asked the management of newspapers and hawkers to adopt preventive measures including washing hands, etc. for the protection of their readers from this pandemic.

President of Patrakar Vikas Parishad, Ajay Maheshwari told Afternoon Voice that, “In this era of commercialization of news, only newspapers are honest circulators of News, the authenticity is worthwhile. I am happy that the newsprint has hit the stalls again but as responsible members even publishers and owners need to take care of their staff safety by providing them hygienic work atmosphere”.

Newspaper Association of India’s President, Vipin Gaur said, “That a large number of people trust on print media and newspapers. In a way that is their morning addiction. At this grave time, the newspapers and media are fulfilling their responsibilities by providing true and correct information to the general public. There need for sovereign, provable news and information is more important than ever during the coronavirus crisis”.

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