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It is time to start work

NDA is likely to get more than 272 seats due to aggressive as well as deceptive campaigning by the BJP. Modiji has worked hard to project his development agenda, whereas RSS successfully influenced the gullible,“Uma bharti dikh rahi hai, mandir banayegi”. This two pronged strategy was effective to win numbers but the real action starts now. Modiji is competent enough to realise that the time to deliver has commenced, otherwise the public will soon get disillusioned with him as well.

The first job is to reduce this public in numbers by an effective program (like polio eradication) and simultaneously work to impart skills to the youth. In this matter the co-operation of existing industries has to be sought. In our marine field, Russians are more skilled because during communist time, they were imparted very good practical training. Many of our books on technology were translations from Russian books and they had hugely practical content. The next were the British paperbacks.

We shudder to think how poor our governance was. A few young persons (not having any consistent work experience) could upset the government so easily by their “dharna” at “ jantar mantar”. Such was the massive disconnect between the “sarkar” and the “junta” and that is why massive disillusionment with the government.
May God not show us such days again.

But now another sinister thing is developing. Azam Khan is angry with the EC and bent upon creating an impression that every body (at least the government) is against the Muslims. Mulayam Singh is supporting him for narrow political gain. Another gentleman (who coughs persistently) is attempting to be a new messiah of Muslims, having failed to be the messiah of the disgruntled masses. That is why Modi talks about confidence building, “come to me, have faith in me and I will deliver”.

Let us all see to it that such a faith is sustained because otherwise such potentially productive manpower may go astray into the path of negativity and destruction.
“gusse me aakar, frustrate hokar hi to ham chijon ko tod dete hain”.

Therefore, ministry of Social Welfare assumes importance. When Rahul Gandhi talks of 25% women police force and mobilising women power for self help activities, he is talking of this. Modiji also should lay emphasis on this important aspect because if society is healthy, the nation will prosper automatically. A lot of work has been done in this regard in Jagdishpur, Amethi, Musafirkhana areas; earlier the women folk were confined to domestic work but now they are more skilled and more confident. Congress must avoid Mulayam Singh and SP, better to sit in opposition, it is not the end of the world, rebuild yourself and may be you bounce back next time in the next elections.

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