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Johnny ‘ransacks’ Amber’s house; divorce saga gets murkier!

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce saga just keeps getting nastier!

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And the latest development is that of Johnny breaking the restraining order Amber has against him to ransack their home on Monday, as per reports in the media.

Amber, 30, allegedly called the cops in panic on June 13 when Johnny, 53, broke his restraining order by having his people begin ransacking their home.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny was told to stay at least 100 yards away from Amber and their shared home after the actress revealed domestic abuse during their marriage.

However, Johnny sent people to the house to begin removing items from the property with Amber calling the cops for backup.

Johnny, who himself is not at the house, and is allegedly in the Bahamas, probably has exploited  a ‘move-out’ clause in the restraining order which gives him the ability to only take essential items to get him through the week until their hearing on June 17.

However, Amber’s team believes Johnny is ‘taking too much’ and is overstepping their bounds.

Sources confirmed that Johnny’s team is only interested in taking ‘personal items’ while Amber’s camp argues that there’s no need for the former to  have people in the home since he is out of the country and clearly doesn’t need anything.

Police are on-site doing a ‘civil standby’ – to make sure nothing gets out of hand – while Johnny’s people are in the house.

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