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‘Jumla’ Modi regime has become ‘restless’: AAP


The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday alleged that the ‘jumla’ BJP Government is coming up with unwarranted allegations with regard to the advertisements circulated to manipulate the media and said that the ruling dispensation at the Centre has become restless because of the new benchmark of governance set in Delhi.

“The restlessness is because the Delhi Government is setting a new benchmark of governance and within one-and-a-half year people have started comparing that the working government has gone far ahead of the ‘jumla’ government. This is the reason for allegations and counter allegations,” said AAP leader Dilip Pandey.

Escalating his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, Pandey said the problem with the present regime is that they are keen on highlighting the initiatives taken by them.

“The AAP Government has left the Central Government far behind as far as implementation of work is concerned. Now, Modi ji doesn’t have any work left to propagate to the nation. It would be better if he introspects. You can hear Fadnavis’ ads in Delhi, there are hoardings of Manohar Lal Khattar in many places in Delhi. So, when you point fingers at others, even you get blamed. Jaitley ji should know this fact,” he added.

According to reports, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley assailed the AAP government in Delhi, saying the government is using advertising funds to manipulate the media.

“While “friendly” media is being given advertisements, media houses which are critical of the AAP government are being denied ad revenue,” Jaitley said in an interview.

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