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Just don’t think too much

Words once spoken can’t be taken back. This holds true as what is once told to others can’t be retrieved and the words spread like wild fire. That’s why they say choose your words carefully while speaking as it can cause damage to someone’s repute or bring cheer to one’s mood. What one says or writes creates a huge impact when the listeners/readers are unaware about the true story or don’t know the person. Sometimes words take the form of foul language and rude behaviour hurting one’s sentiments badly and later even an apology doesn’t erase the sting of those words (said in anger or frustration).

Often it so happens that people tend to assume things even when the scenario is totally different. These assumptions have been the causes of misunderstandings and fights. I mean when you don’t know the whole and complete story but will assume random said things or heard and accept it as the truth without even once bothering to ask the person concerned. Humans make hundreds of assumptions without even thinking about it. Have you ever thought that what you are thinking is probably not the truth or incomplete?

For once people should question themselves. How can someone directly assume that he/she has gone out or ignoring when that person must be really busy and so can’t answer the calls or messages? Partly blame the beliefs already made up in the mind for every situation. Its human tendency to judge certain things on sight. Like say a well-dressed guy driving a luxurious car (assumption- He is the rich owner, envious of his smart, dashing looks: But he is not); a girl smiling (assumption – will think smiling at you: But she is smiling at someone.) Everyone has their different assumptions on different circumstances and people. We perceive situations from various angles, at times they seem to be illogical but our assumptions stand firm. The assumptions which one frames/creates in the mind do not necessarily have to be the actual truth, it can be partly true or maybe there’s an entirely different story. Very often what seems to appear on the surface is never the actual truth; and as you go deeper and closer to it, you understand and realise the facts.

There can be both positive and negative assumptions about people and the situation. One has to make decisions not merely on what is said, seen or heard but rather verify and then deicide. The one assumption which is prevalent today is of boy-girl together. If they are seen together anywhere, people think that they are a couple and especially these oldies give them the looks as if they have committed a big mistake by talking. Can’t a boy and girl just be friends? Not necessary that every boy-girl seen out there is a pair, imagine if the same girl is seen with many different male friends. Well, it is those stupid thoughts and beliefs up in the mind are the reasons for heartbreaks, bitter friendship and other negative things which have made us to think low about ourselves and about others too.

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