Monday, June 14, 2021
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Justice delayed is justice denied

The Bombay High Court has granted bail to a man who was booked for abetting the suicide of four members of the same family in Oshiwara, Mumbai in 2015. Tinku alias Yash Singh has been in custody for almost three years and the judge observed that there was absence of any nexus between a cause and object prima facie which then questions our legal system for keeping him in custody for three years. Justice delayed is justice denied and if a person is guilty, he should be sentenced with appropriate punishment in a reasonable time period.
Our judicial system needs reform as it is outdated. Thousands of people even for petty crimes are put behind bars for want of trial. Those who are rich manage to grease palms when guilty to get the decision in their favour. India is a democratic country where freedom of speech is our birthright but is misused at times. Allegations can be made and victims are put behind bars. The onus lies on them to prove themselves that they are innocent. The onus should also be on those alleging to prove what they are saying. Every court case should be time bound so that not only are the innocent spared but those who are guilty given appropriate punishment in good time so that law of the land is respected.

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