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Justin Bieber Assures Fans: I’m Gonna Shave!

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Justin-BieberJustin Bieber is nearly perfect.

He can sing. He can dance. He can even cook organic chicken.

But some fans do take issue with one thing about Bieber: his mustache.

However, the artist is aware of this criticism and he plans to do something about it.

Using his new iPhone 6, Bieber snapped the above selfie yesterday and included with it a caption that reads:

“I’ll shave it calm down.”

As Jimmy Kimmel once hilariously proved, it’s nearly impossible for Justin Bieber fans to turn against him.

Based on this message, though, it’s clear they’ve been giving their idol a hard time about his feeble facial hair attempt.

Last month, Bieber asked followers if he “should do it” in an Instagram video that depicted him standing in a bathroom with a razor.

After applying shaving cream and whispering into the camera “R.I.P ‘stache,” Justin went ahead shaved off his wispy hairs.

But they’ve since grown back and nearly everyone agrees: it wasn’t a welcome return.

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