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Kamal Haasan – Darkhorse of Tamil Nadu politics; his party MKM to contest on 154 seats

The MNM had secured around 4 percent votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, with its share going as high as 10 percent in the urban pockets.

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kamal haasan, hassan, kamal hassan, tamil nadu, mkm, touch, rajnikanth, stalin, mk stalinSince Actor Rajinikanth, decided to opt-out of politics, citing health concerns. Kamal Haasan has bright chances of winning a good number of seats. His party to fight in 154 seats in Tamil Nadu, rest for 2 allies. Makkal Needhi Maiam (MKM) announced contesting 154 out of 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu assembly elections. The party left the remaining 80 seats for its two alliance partners – All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi and Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi – that will contest on 40 seats each.

A document released by the Makkal Needhi Maiam party reads, “The parties have committed to the common goal of transforming Tamil Nadu by fulfilling the long-pending aspirations of the people. With the common agenda of restoring the pride and glory of Tamil Nadu, they have decided to embark on a long-lasting journey together.”

J Vyankatesha, political banner supplier for Chennai to Afternoon Voice, “Kamal has his personal baggage with him that might work against him. His not-so-appealing-to-all personal life, his faith or lack of one, his peculiar nature, his closeness to DMK, like factors, may hamper his chances to thorn but he will reasonably pull the seats. Some of these beleaguered Sivaji Ganesan when he put himself into electoral politics. While I don’t see Kamal losing as Sivaji Ganesan did, I fear he might not have the power to win enough to get to the throne. Dynamics of the election will matter a lot.”

The MNM had secured around 4 percent votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, with its share going as high as 10 percent in the urban pockets. Dr. R Mahendran, MNM vice-president and its candidate from Coimbatore, had clocked 1.45 lakh votes or 11.6 percent of the total vote share of the constituency.

The party has adopted a unique ticket distribution system where it has launched an online system for people to apply as candidates followed by the interviews of the shortlisted ones to be finally fielded in the election. The MNM is taking up on issues like corruption, jobs, developing villages, and people-friendly e-governance as key issues. It has promised salaries to homemakers and free computers with internet at all homes as a public resource to help people access government schemes easily.

Ever since OPS’s magnificent acting performance at the Marina after Jayalalitha passed, Kamal Haasan has actively voiced his opinion of the pathetic state of affairs in Tamil Nadu politics. He took it up a notch after Sasikala’s arrest and the EPS-OPS debacle ensued, at times delivering killer blows. He has been active on social media and was quite fortunate (or calculative) the Big boss came around now.

Meta Swaminathan, political posters designer in Chennai said, “Politics is not conducting a Bus that one bell rings and you get down or get in. I was happy when Rajnikanth realized this, he would have abandoned the bus if he has to face challenges. Whereas Kamal Hassan has one advantage, he has a strong voice and social media presence for his political stand. He might sail through the challenges but becoming CM is not possible in the first inning.”


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