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Kangaroo Courts must be abolished

Local governance aka Panchayat Raj needs to be abolished in India. There shouldn’t be any two-tier or three tier justice system and it must be abolished. Panchayats must be watching television following news but still how do they have the courage to act like this? For god’s sake somebody has to really do something about this. It’s a shame. On one hand, all of us are fighting for women’s empowerment and on the other side we have these predators who are not satisfied unless and until they strip women in public. Aren’t they satisfied with their wives? I know it’s a wrong question to ask. Of course they are unhappy with their wives as they have grown old. Thus these perverts attack women by alleging them for committing crimes like murder and robbery.

Let’s kill them girls! Just imagine, if every girl unites and form an organization with a mission to kill these kind of morons how cool it would be? It’s like giving real meaning to Beyoncé’s song We Run the World.

What would have happened if a group of Muslim men would have emulated the act of the Panchayat by punishing the Hindu girl? Then it might have hurt the sentiments of Hindus as they might even try to victimize innocent Muslim girls.

It would have enraged the BJP activists even though the party claims that it doesn’t have any RSS influence smart persons won’t believe them. The saffron party had tried to gain mileage by raising the Love Jihad issue but nobody even talks about it today.

The mechanism of Kangaroo courts has to be punctured. As long as these courts are allowed to function as per their whims and fancies anti-social activities will not end. All the decisions given by such courts should be overturned and the matter should be referred to higher courts..

Even police too refuse to file cases as the Panchayat gets the permission to hear the cases and award punishment to the victim according to the self-styled village court. Some sensitive cases like rapes are handled by these morons who don’t even know about the spelling of punishment.

A poor girl from Rajasthan who was victim to such a heinous act where the Panchayat declared her guilty of killing her husband’s cousin and punished her by throwing stones on her, blackened her face, chopped her hair and she was paraded naked on donkey. It’s an illegal act and the court has already ordered to take strict action against this panchayat. However, in rural Rajasthan, Panchayat has a strong hold instead of the lawmaker. Kangaroo Courts must be abolished as they might even revive the practice of Sati in 21st century.

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