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Kashmiri Pandits must work with Mirwaiz for rehabilitation and Kashmir solution

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The recent meeting of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) under the leadership of Satish Mahaldar with Hurriyat Conference Chairman and religious leader of largest Mosque in Srinagar, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is a welcome development notwithstanding criticism by BJP leaders Surinder Ambardar and Ashwini Kumar Chrungoo.

Mahaldar needs to understand that though all the political parties including BJP, Congress, NC, PDP, etc. have goodwill towards KPs and want their rehabilitation in Kashmir but (whether KPs etc like it or not) the problem of KPs will be solved only along-with the solution of Kashmir problem which cannot be solved by existing political parties as these are ideologically very weak. Therefore Mahaldar (along-with to be constituted committee which will comprise members of the Hurriyat, migrant KPs and the Kashmiri civil society) should launch a new political party and the mentions in its Constitution and on the party website, as given below:-

(1)- This political party shall be based on Secularism, welfare-State, Party-democracy, Federalism, Rule-of-law and Globalization (then only Muslim Kashmiris on both sides of LoC will opt for Hindu majority India during plebiscite). For restoring Secularism in India and for an effective solution to Kashmir problem this new political party shall file 6 writ petitions ( 5 in SCI and one in J&K High Court)

(2)- In consonance with said Socialism/welfare-State, the Party shall work for achieving minimum wages of Rs 300 for eight working hours a day and shall guarantee jobs to every working-age Indian. Also, the Party shall work for modifying MNREGA by making it for unlimited time (not for 100 days etc. per year) and shall give the job to jobseeker within a month through MNREGA. For mobilizing funds for such Welfare-State writ petition shall be filed in SCI for recovery of Rs 1,000 lakh crore Income Tax from about one million tax evaders

(3)- For Federalism Party should mention in its Constitution (uploaded on Party website) that only martial subjects will be with Union of India whereas all civilian subjects including natural resources will be with States (even Railways will be National and with States)

(4)- Due to advance in modern science and technology Globalisation is inevitable hence in Party Constitution following should be written:-

(i)- The Party shall work for and demand that in place of veto to five nations, in new UN the voting power should be given to all member countries commensurate with their contribution of men (especially martial), money and material (especially military) and the record about human rights of member countries

(ii)- The Party shall work for and demand that Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR at UN should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 in a way that even the citizens of member countries can move UN to protect their human rights (even with a military intervention of UNPKF)

(iii)- The Party shall work for and demand for global currency (with proper asset back-up) with its Central Bank at United Nations and its branches in all the member countries of UN.

(iv)- Because many member countries of UN on their own cannot manage their political affairs and this leads to even global terrorism hence Party shall work for and demand that ‘International Political Parties (IPPs) should be launched by UN.

(5)- If justice is not delivered at a moderate cost and promptly by Courts then rule-of-law has no meaning. Hence the Party shall work for and demand that High Courts under Article 227 of the Constitution should check every file which comes to it from subordinate Courts (District and Lower Courts in appeal, revision writ, etc.) to find whether presiding officer has granted adjournments unnecessarily with commensurate punishment to erring presiding officers of subordinate Courts.

Moreover, along with full-fledged legal library, the government lodging and boarding facilities at nominal charge should be provided at all the seats of appellate Courts (under supervision of Bar Council of States and of India) for advocates coming from lower Courts so that cases in appellate Courts can be contested at a much lesser cost.

(6)- Dispute with Pakistan is political but a dispute with China is legal which can easily be resolved peacefully. Hence the Party shall demand that India should ask UN to resolve it through ‘Judicial Commission’ in which member nominated by India, China and some other countries can be there.

(7)- Party should contest all coming election of Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha to become a formidable political force all across India which is the only way for finding Kashmir solution along with a solution to the rehabilitation-problem of KPs.

(8)- The Party shall demand (even through a writ petition in SCI) Constitutional obligation regarding public debt against the security of consolidated funds under Article 292 and 293 and not under FRBM which is unconstitutionally promoting unethical unbridled usury (interest-earning) and increasing public debt unconstitutionally. Party shall further demand that such unconstitutional public debt should be forfeited.

(9)- The Party believes that no country can progress without working in its mother tongue.  Hence while keeping English as a second language the Hindi (with Devnagri script) should be made working language (including in allopathic medicine, engineering, etc) in Hindi speaking and in States having Devnagri variant script (like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, etc). Both types of such States combined to form the overwhelming majority of Indians. Regarding other (non-Hindi and non-Devnagri variant script) States of India, it can be left to them to decide this matter.

(10)-The Party shall demand and work for bifurcation of the Banking sector in two namely ‘Lending Banks’ and ‘Saving Banks’. Only ‘Lending Banks’ shall be allowed to lend money and their deposits shall be converted into shares and these shareholders shall be responsible (like other business) for their loss or gains.

(11)- Party shall have no objection to reservation only in Government services (and not in education and elections) to any identifiable group which demands it (but not in the name of ‘Dalits’ and Backwards which demoralizes the beneficiary and which is fatal for democracy). Party will also demand that cow slaughter by law should be banned only in those States where the administration is satisfied that some organizations (of Hindus or otherwise) have proper ‘Gaushalas’ which will purchase any non-productive cow/ bull from its owner at market price.

Along with Hindu KPs presently the overwhelming majority of Muslim Kashmiris are also suffering (due to chronic and gory Kashmir problem) hence it is hoped that Satish Mahaldar will realize that the problem of KPs will be solved only along-with the solution of Kashmir problem (which cannot be solved by existing political parties) hence will endeavour to launch a new political party which will become formidable political force all across India through elections, as mentioned above.

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