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Keep a vigil on terrorists

The Indian Coast guard has done a laudable job of intercepting a suspicious boat from Karachi. We must maintain vigil along the Gujarat Coast and must seek the assistance of sailing vessel and fishing vessel owners and crew. Having said that, there is a possibility that all boat owners operating on the Gujarat Coast may not be involved in legitimate trade and might be indulging in smuggling of arms and explosives included. It is also necessary to undertake a sincere combing operation along Porbandar, Jamnagar coast to ascertain the legitimacy of water craft owners in this area.

While Pakistan is guilty of sending terrorists, we must not forget that there may be bad elements on this side too, acting as facilitators for substantial monetary gain. Do you remember how RDX reached Mumbai from Konkan coast? Traders might be thinking that Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs to their state so nobody will dare to check them. Therefore their objective might be to make hay while the sun shines. We should keep this aspect in mind too. Most of them are good and patriotic but some may not be that good and fall prey to earning easy money.

In order to defuse tension, it is vital to establish good trading relations between Pakistan and India but nobody knows when it will happen. Government needs to mobilize sincere and experienced persons for achieving this goal. People living along the Line of control in Kashmir are suffering immensely due to regular firing. Indian authorities and some experienced defense personnel who have served in these areas for a long period of time can initiate a dialogue with the Pakistan army. These officials can resolve the issue and no solution can be arrived at without their concurrence. We should talk to the civilian government as well as the army. Sincere efforts must be made in this direction with India taking the initiative.

India can improve its trade links with Pakistan. The type of debate we notice on television channels is not justified. Both the nations will start indulging in blame game but no breakthrough will be achieved. We are seeking Dawood Ibrahim’s extradition for what purpose for putting him in jail or awarding death sentence to him? What is the use? He has lived a luxurious lifestyle throughout his life. The government can assure Dawood that he will not be harmed if he can bring about peace between both the nations through negotiations.

With the passage of time, even hardcore criminals seek reformation so why not offer them opportunity? People might be criticizing Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh but look at his creative side which needs to be appreciated. If he is provided the opportunity of engaging with Dawood for peace and well being, he is most likely to succeed. On the other hand, our wage earning bureaucrats and politicians have failed to perform their job.

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