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Keep children busy during Christmas holidays

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Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas 2019, Christmas 2019, children on christmas, christmas in india, christmas indiaDuring this Christmas vacation even simple activities will keep your children engaged. Kids get bored of the same activity very quickly and are constantly looking for new challenges. This often leaves parents clueless as to how to engage a child. Make them get involved in some sort of activities and that will in turn develop to know and get new avenues for doing such multi facet activities in the long run.

Like painting, paper craft activities also allow your child to express and are useful in enhancing creativity. One of the main advantages is that, by using old newspapers and books, you can teach your child about recycling. Or, you can simply use coloured papers and craft papers to get them started and introduce recycling later. Start out by crafting small things like paper boats and paper planes and gradually introduce new ideas. Paper craft activities take a lot of time and requires patience. So, it’s a good idea to create something interesting yourself first and present it to your child. They will increase his/her curiosity and thus help him/her get started. But care must be taken and see that the scissors used in cutting papers should not injure children in any way.

Young children love to sleep in the afternoon and they deserve a rest after hectic activities in the day time. Early to bed and early to sleep applies to children as well. As the children grow, they love to learn both Maths and Science. Teach them usefully about the numbers and how to add and subtract without using a calculator. Mental calculations will develop their minds to do greater things in their career. Science plays a pivotal role in our daily life.  Start with a small experiment of teaching how the pressure in the water increases in a vessel when it goes down by having three outlets in that vessel at different heights in that vessel and show how water pours at different levels because of pressure.

Children are glued to mobile phones and use PC to play games. It is time to guide them to reduce the habit of seeing the screen all the time. As a remedy, you can convince your family child specialist to advice and get rid of this habit once and for all. But at the same time inculcate the habit of making interesting videos, so that they can display the latent talent available in them on various subject of interest.

Use your dinner and lunch time usefully. Even bed time stories with real moral value will help the children mould to face different challenges in life. Making your children engaged in different activities helps children to develop and know the real value of life. Teach young buddies yoga and make them learn religious mantras to get a good beginning. After all knowledge is power and learning more and more about various subjects life prove to be a learning experience. Children should learn to live of their own and Christmas vacation is the right time to mould them to become a responsible citizen of India. Children are the backbone of future India and it is up to parents to make them come out with flying colours.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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