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Khadse should file defamation case, if innocent

AAP should focus on governance instead of making allegations against opposition leaders say netizens.


Netizens termed the allegations made by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Preeti Sharma Menon against Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse for having received calls from underworld as baseless and urged him to file defamation case against AAP. Many of them expressed their displeasure over social media and said that Khadse is innocent and AAP is only trying to defame him without producing any evidence about the calls made or received by him. They also demanded a probe into this matter for ascertaining the truth. AAP leaders have a tendency of making allegations against opposition leaders for trying to gain an upper hand over them.

Netizens tweeted on social networking site and said that AAP should focus on governance instead of making allegations against other leaders.

Bimal Pr Mohapatra author said, “If Khadse is innocent then he should file defamation case against AAP immediately and demand financial compensation from them.”

Asim Raamanuj das tweeted, “Mr Khadse should not merely file defamation case but urgent criminal defamation against AAP for making false allegations.”

Narendra Joshi said, “File defamation case against Preeti Sharma Menon and AAP. They are trying to tarnish you and your party’s image. AAP should first produce evidence before making allegation against others.”

Iswaran N.P said, “Parties like AAP used media to make false allegations and BJP to prove their innocence and it’s becoming a lousy trend. They first set their house on order.”

Sudhir Sabharwal, Orthopaedic surgeon posted, “Kejriwalji why don’t you do some constructive work for the people instead of wasting time in silly stuff?”

SB Ramadura posted, “Approach court to put an end to AAP harassment. Also claim damages from them.”

Eknath Khadse too criticised Preeti Menon for making baseless allegations against him. He said, “From where did they get Dawood’s number? If they possess his contact number then they must approach the police first. I have not received or made any international call from my mobile in the past one year, which my service provider ‘Idea’ has given me in writing, Levelling charges against me in the media for cheap publicity is not a good thing.”

“I am ready for an inquiry by any agency but at the same time, I demand that an inquiry should also be marked against those who are levelling charges against me as to how did they get Dawood’s number,” he contended.

“The entire world is after Dawood, and they got his number, it means that there is something. How do they know that it’s Dawood’s number and I have spoken to Dawood only?” he asked.

Mumbai Crime Branch Joint Commissioner Atulchandra Kulkarni said, “When the issue of contact of an honourable minister of Government of Maharashtra with Mumbai underworld fugitive Dawood Ibrahim based abroad cropped up we checked the details and our initial analysis of the cell phone records of the number (9423073667) indicated that there have been neither outgoing nor incoming from the cell number to that of the fugitive during the entire period of September 2015 to April 2016.”

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