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Kulbhushan met family – nothing but a Pak gimmick

“Cool-Bhushan” Jadhav has been forced to praise Pakistan at a gunpoint in a video that was made to show the world about his health. Pakistan is a banana republic and the media circus over Kulbhushan Jadhav being allowed to meet his mother and wife was stage managed to please the ICJ (International Court of Justice) which is to hear Jadhav’s death sentence on the grounds that he never got an opportunity to defend himself. Jadhav certainly is being tortured in Pakistan custody, is in poor health and made to issue statements that favour Pakistan’s case against him and this meeting between Jadhav and his immediate family with a glass screen separating them was a gimmick.

Indian electronic media should restrain themselves from a media trial to defend Kulbhushan by abusing Pakistani guests on their channels as this creates an atmosphere of hatred and Jadhav could be treated with physical abuse severely as a revenge. We have a strong case in the ICJ and our legal brains led by Harish Salve I am sure would tilt the case in our favour in the international courts. Consular access which has been denied to Jadhav but this would be overturned in the days to come by the ICJ and the family members in future should only meet Kulbhushan in the presence of their lawyers and Indian High Commission in Pakistan.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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