Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Landslide victory for BJP

Cashless to Akhi-less and no ‘Maya’ for the men and women who ruled Uttar Pradesh all over these years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led landslide win for BJP in UP shows voters faith in him despite demonetization pain as people vote for growth and development. Dynastic politics in our country is on its way out and parties that would elect leaders on merit would survive in Indian politics in the years to come. Rahul Gandhi’s political obituary has been written in these UP elections and time ripe for him to retire from politics.

A strong opposition too is necessary to check the government if it commits blunders or deviates from the agenda of growth and we must have bi-party electoral system as they have in the United States to have a check and balance formula for success. Too many cooks spoil the broth and smaller parties should merge with each other on the basis of fundamentals to strengthen Indian democracy in the days to come. Indian voters too have become intelligent and elected representatives henceforth would be under the constant radar of the people who would punish or reward them on the basis of performance which means we have progressed to a matured democracy. All of us must be proud of this fact.

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