Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Leopard scare

Leopard scare continues to haunt suburbs of Mumbai. The Leopard that killed a child at Aarey colony is caught and it is a good news. Residential places like Mulund and Aarey Milk Colony are facing regular visits of the man eating animal disturbing the lives of common man. Total vigil should be available for stray animals coming into housing colonies and suburbs of Mumbai. This is a sad state of affairs as the authorities in charge at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, near Mulund just brush aside about the incident saying that the animal had strayed near the residential complexes on the lookout for food and it is only a stray case. But human lives are lost and people living in these areas just pray for their safety and risk their life by going out at night. This is not the first time such thing is happening and the authorities in charge of these animals should make them wander inside an iron railing so that it will not harm the public in anyway. Time and again, we hear that the man eater wander in the Garden and the forest areas nearby giving the public sleepless nights. It is high time the authorities pay heed to this fact and make a permanent solution before the situation goes of hand and see many more human deaths in the process. We have to preserve species like Lion, Tiger and Cheetah and not at the expense of human life. That is my clarion call.

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