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Let go of the past

Who doesn’t have a past, everyone does. It can be a blend of good, bad and worst but it is surely been a part of your life. There are certain people and memories you wish to forget or erase forever but then if you have not programmed your mind to think positive or good thoughts, you are for sure heading to a depressing end. I know it’s simply not easy to let go of that person who was so special or that dear friend whom you trusted so much. But your trust in God and with time, all your wounds will vanish one day.

No one can achieve success or happiness if their mind is not mentally strong to face the dirty politics and mind games the world plays with everyone. This line should always be remembered that – Past is history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery; the past is gone and was a moment of life whether good/bad, the present is all that you have and use it to the best advantage and well the future is yet to come, so don’t have to think about it as you don’t know what the next moment is.

The mind can be used in both ways – constructive/creative and destructive/conspiracy. It’s all in the mind, how you make use of it. A person doesn’t gain anything by dwelling in the past; you just keep revisiting those thoughts and make yourself sad or upset. What is destined to happen in life will occur; you can’t rewrite the pages of life, so it’s no use brooding over the bad points that will lead to self-despair and tears. Rather think about all the good incidents if you are so keen to look back in life.

One should keep this in mind that whatever happens is for a reason, and lessons can be learnt from those bitter incidents of life. Also usually in heartbreaks, it tends to get difficult for some to move on, there’s a popular saying – ‘let go of someone, if it’s yours then it will surely come back and if not, then it was never meant to be. Always be hopeful of what is yet to come, and have such a strong and positive mental attitude towards life; then no situation or person can defeat or get you down. No one likes to interact with a forever sad or gloomy person because life is too short to keep regrets.

If everyone conditions their mind in a manner which only attracts positivity and filters away the bad thoughts then surely we will get to see many cheerful faces around. Also a very useful tip is to perform yoga and meditation to keep the mind and body healthy. Live your life in such a way that people will always remember you for your good deeds. Whenever you turn impatient in life and want to vent out all the frustration by plotting plans to cause harm to that individual/s, the best thing is to let go. Just keep calm and forgive, surrender all troubles to God and just wait for ‘karma’ to play its tricks/cards and you may be lucky enough to witness it.

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