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Letters to the Editor: 01 November, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,All Souls Day

All Souls’ Day which is celebrated by the Catholic Church on November 2 every year is a Christian festival that honours all Christian souls who have died. Many people visit the cemetery and decorate the graves of their loved ones. Special Masses are celebrated in cemeteries and in churches on that day.

Catholics on this day remember and pray for the souls of people who have died and who are in Purgatory – the place in which those who have died atone for their sins before being granted the vision of God in heaven. The thought behind this is that when a soul leaves the body of the dead person, it is not entirely cleansed from venial sins.

But, through the power of prayer, the people on earth can help these souls gain heavenly vision they seek. At each one’s home, a special rosary is recited to remember and pray for the souls of their family members, friends, etc.

Jubel D’Cruz


Leading parties buying time

Even a week after the Maharashtra Assembly election results were declared giving the ruling alliance clear majority, constituents Shiv Sena and the BJP are in a tug of war over government formation. Maharashtra continues to hold suspense over the shape of the next government even though people of the state gave a clear mandate to the ruling coalition in the assembly election. Two alliances were in contest for power in Maharashtra, the BJP-Shiv Sena’s NDA and the NCPCongress representing the UPA. Now, post-election, it appears all the four major parties are calculating their own moves separately, throwing out various possible combinations for government formation. Each has its own set of options before it. Maharashtra voters made it most cumbersome with a fractured mandate and that causes lots of problems in forming the government. Lots of issues are to be settled including the PMC Bank issue but the leading parties are buying time to form ministry. Vote Bank politics is taking the state by storm.

K. Ramani


Cat is out of the bag

50-50 is a bedroom secret and the cat is now out of the bag which has rocked the formation of the next government in Maharashtra. Not sure who is telling the truth but BJP deserves to put it’s men as the next CM of Maharashtra on the sheer strength of the number of seats they have won in the assembly. Promises have to be fulfilled in an alliance and Shiv Sena deserves to be given key portfolios in the next state government by the BJP.

Chief Minister heads the state but the job comes with a lot of responsibility as well. Devendra Fadnavis had done a wonderful job in the last Assembly and deserves another term as CM. Sena should concede that they have far less seats than BJP and compromise when it comes to CM’s post even if they were promised a 50-50 arrangement. The stock of Sena would rise if an amicable solution is found to form the next government than bickering and washing dirty linen in public which would only help the cause of the opposition!

S.N. Kabra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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